How Proper Window Treatment Uplift Your Home Impression

In case the view around your home is beautiful and your home windows have nothing to hide, all you need to do is to dress them in creative and elegant ways. No matter what your home styling is, window treatments are one of the first things that comes into notice, and they have the power to enhance your home styling and create an ambiance. Remember a sturdy house is very much intrinsic to our contentment and our comfort. Our houses are a long extension of our personality, and all of us love to take pride in how they actually appear. A home well put together surely helps us feel a lot better in our everyday lives. The overall aesthetics of our house is something that we really cannot ignore. So, here are some do’s and don’ts that can surely help your window treatment uplift your home impression.


  • Hang Your Curtain Wide And High
    Hanging your drapes and curtains at least twelve inches above your window frame or on the ceiling can surely make your home space look luxurious and big at the same time. You can even try out extending your pre-existing curtain rods at least four to six inches on each side.
  • Layer Window Treatment
    All the types of designer windows at least sports two different window treatments. No matter if it is a wooden blind paired with Roman shades or if it is louvered shutters along with chic valence. This type of window treatment along with being functional, even boosts the overall styling of the space.
  • Try To Hang The Curtains All The Way To The Floor
    A very common mistake done by almost all the novice home decorators are making a purchase of the curtains without measuring the height of the windows. In order to get a tailor-cut look, curtains should always puddle a bit or kiss the flooring. The same concept should even work with windowsill and café curtains.


  • Don’t Just Stop At The Windowsill
    Remember high waters weren’t at all cool in the high schools nor they are in your living area. Try imagining your window dressing kissing the flood and hung wide and high. This idea can help in a total transformation of your space.
  • Don’t Hang Your Curtains Right Above Your Window
    Curtains that are hung just above the window frame not only allows less amount of light to pass but also stunt the window. This can give the entire space a crowded type of look. Remember whenever you are planning to put in a curtain to your space, they shouldn’t fall more than three inches on each and every side.
  • Don’t Just Assume That One Size Fits All
    Remember to treat every window of your house individually. Not all the house windows need to have the same size of can pull the same styling. Always try to trust your instinct while styling tricky and small spots. It is important to remember that curtains and drapes are meant to reduce noise, temperature, visibility, and treat the amount of light you want to pass.

Home window treatment is very much necessary to uplift your overall home impression. If you want to schedule a free consultation from Galaxy Design, get in touch with us by calling 866-215-3173.


Best Home Window Treatment

We can never call a window fully dressed until and unless it dressed with some window treatments. From customized roman shades to an ultra-feminine taffeta curtain, home window treatments perfectly deliver the fashion for each space. Thanks to the availability of different color options, decorative trims, and wallpapers, ideas for customizing home window treatments are endless. Home window treatment can do a lot more stuff than just adding to the style quotient. Just beyond adding privacy and shades, drapes and curtains can give a serious dramatic change to the overall mood of a room. For example, a beautiful piece of lavish curtains with rich golden trims lends a theatrical mood. Whereas a lightweight open sheer curtain lightens the overall ambiance of the room with a breezy sort of informality. Apart from all these, window treatments also help in solving a wide range of architectural challenges. Here is a list of some of the best home window treatments that are known to give the best results.

Sheer White Curtains: In case your beautiful home is lacking on those big sized windows, you can choose sheer panels in order to get maximum light. Sheer white curtains can help in keeping the room feeling from being too closed off. These are mostly translucent in nature, and allows just the right amount of light to pass.

Colorful Trim: If you don’t want to overdo your home windows with too many colors, but want to add some liveliness to it, choosing draperies with a colorful trim and a neutral base can do the charm. You can even choose some sort of reversible fabric adding some neutral hue to it. Choosing combinations like this can make your space look more lovely and can even add some spirit of joy to it.

Curtains Beyond The Windows: If you want a personal style quotient to be added to your home windows, then this can be the best idea. Instead of just hanging the curtains just above the window panels, you can try hanging the long drapes just in front of the window seat nook. This can beautifully create a cozy little oasis to your space.

Roman Shades: If your house windows already have blinds, you can make it look more refined and personalized with the help of Roman shades. Roman shades are known to add colors to your windows and can help in providing the utmost privacy to the room occupants.

Farmhouse Shutters: The farmhouse shutter window panels work perfectly by allowing the room occupants to adjust their light access and even play with the rustic appearance.

Short Curtains: Short curtains are generally hanged at the midpoint of a window in order to get a visually intriguing look. They help to provide privacy and allow only a limited source of light to breakthrough.

Tassel Detail Curtains: This curtain-type loves to play with pattern, color, and texture. The tassel fringed draperies are a fun touch that surely plays off those classic prints and even changes the aesthetics of the space.

Contrasting Prints: In case you want a fun whimsical living room, getting those contrasting gingham print curtains with floral valences can really add wonders to the space.

Draperies and curtains have the power to either make or break the appearance of your space. Therefore, choosing the right set of curtains, valences, panels and draperies are important. You can see more of our drapery designs and customize them accordingly, by logging on our website Galaxy Designs.