Motorized Drapes Vs. Regular Drapes

Over the years regular drapes and curtains have become an integral part of our lives. We must always agree on the fact that motorized drapes or motorized curtains are always a deal-breaker. They have the power to either break or make a space. At almost all times the overall importance of window treatments is overlooked. Both motorized drapes and regular drapes have different sorts of functionalities. They can be either purely decorative or can be completely functional depending on the owner’s preference. They can even range into certain subcategories such as roman shades, flowing drapes, laidback shutters, or even classic curtains. Several ideas with these curtains and draperies can surely inspire a person to have a better view of their home. However, in the recent days, modern motorized window ornaments are no doubt a fun technology and can help in adding a smart touch to the house. They are also great in adding improvements to the overall life quality of a person. Here in this blog let us discuss how motorized drapes and motorized curtains are different from the regular drapes.

Here Are The Benefits Of Using Motorized Drapes and Motorized Curtains Over Regular Drapes.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Helps In The Security Of The House: Home security and motorized drapes go hand in hand. Motorized curtains and blinds add a different layer of protection altogether, preventing any neighbor or outsider to peep inside. Installing a set of motorized blinds and curtains surely offers a better approach than just the regular drapes and blinds. Users can even schedule the automatic mechanism of their window curtains. This feature can be particularly helpful if you are staying away from the house for a long time. When the motorized drapes or motorized curtains are coupled with a different set of smart home lighting, they can be of great help in saving the house from potential threats against thieves.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Are Perfect Energy Saving Options: Sometimes the scorching heat produced by the sun can put your home air conditioner into a tailspin. Almost all of the modern motorized curtain rods or motorized drapes have a small sensor installed in them. This sensor can help them to close automatically especially when there is bright sunlight outside. Thereby this feature helps a lot in saving energy and even increases the overall functionality of the home devices.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Helps In Giving Protection To The Home Furniture: The scorching heat of the sun that often puts a home air conditioner into a tailspin can also be the cause of damage to the home furniture or other items. They can cause them to fade with time. Motorized curtains and motorized drapes can be one of the best ways to prevent this. These drapes can automatically detect the intensity of the outside sun rays and cover the window when needed. When compared to regular drapes, homeowners have to cover the windows manually which isn’t necessary in case of them.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Can Be Of Great Convenience: In case your home consists of a lot of big and airy windows, controlling or operating them manually can be at times a bit tough and full of hassle. Installing a set of motorized drapes and motorized curtains can make this work a lot easier. They can be easily raised or lowered with just a touch of a button. Users can even schedule their home motorized window covering according to a perfect time schedule. In every way, these modern window covering are a bliss to the modern society.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Are Known For Elegance: There can be times when a homeowner might find it difficult to tuck regular drapes in the exact same position each and every time. This problem can be solved with an easy fix. Motorizing your home window treatment can be of great help in aligning the draperies in a single fluid movement.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Can Help In Increasing The Overall Value Of The House: House window coverings when installed properly surely increases the overall property value. A house when outfitted with customized motorized curtains or motorized draperies can surely add charm to the space where it is installed. Motorized curtains can surely make the overall buying experience of the buyer memorable, thereby increasing the chances of a sale by a huge margin.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Are The Best Option If You Are Looking For Blackout: Well there shouldn’t be any argument on this. Home blinds are a lot behind when it comes to blackouts. Blinds generally have slats or vanes which leads to tiny slivers of light between them. Motorized drapes and motorized curtains surely take the crown over blinds and shades because of their design. They consist of opaque fabric making them more encompassing. They can surely cover much more than just the overall window width, thereby ensuring that no sunlight passes through. The materials used in the making of motorized drapes and motorized curtains allows much better opacity.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Are Much Easier To Clean When Compared To Regular Drapes: In most of the cases, motorized window blinds are made of durable fabrics. On the whole, they are easier to clean especially when they get dusty or dirty.

  • Motorized Drapes And Motorized Curtains Have More Accessories Than Regular Ones: Both the motorized drapes and curtains have a lot of options especially when it comes to accessories. The hooks, rods, curtain rings have a lot of unique designs to choose from when compared to the regular drapes. Homeowners can get all sorts of valences installed which can also go very well with blinds and shades.

When it comes down to home window treatment, it becomes completely dependent on the user. The homeowner must keep a note of several things while choosing a home window treatment. Remember different types of window coverings such as regular drapes, shades, blinds, motorized drapes, motorized curtains will serve different needs of their respective owners.

The best way to select on some is to consult some professionals. If you are in search of custom-designed draperies for your space, you can check our wide range of collections according to your taste. At Galaxy Designs, we even customize drapes and curtains hardware according to your preference. All of our products are made from high-quality materials that are crafted with the finest craftsmanship.


All You Need To Know About Motorized Drapes

Motorized window treatments are the new trend right now. With motorized drapes trending all over the world, many companies of the home automation system are trying to exhibit new technologies and products on the go. The capability of home automation is of great benefit to any type of space right now. Motorized drapes and curtains are the fastest-growing smart home solutions. Here are a few things that you should know about motorized drapes.

They Are Good In Saving Money, Energy and Your Privacy

When your home curtains are down on a warm day, then the solar gain is minimized to a great extent. Which means your home AC will have a better cooling efficiency. On the contrary, you can keep your home curtains open and can rely on a natural light source, thereby saving a considerable amount of energy. Motorized drapes can automatically position themselves relying on the heat intensity of the sun or based on the time.

They Can Help In Protecting Home Theft

When these motorized drapes move all throughout the day, it makes a home appear as if someone is in the house. In simpler words, it gives the house a lived-in look, which can be sometimes effective against burglars.

They Are Obviously Better Looking Than Manual Drapes and Shades

Motorized window treatment looks much better than any manual shades and drapes. Along with that, they can be easily synchronized to stop and move in unison and can easily be linked across the window.

They Are Easily Available In A Wide Range Of Fabrics

Well, there aren’t any shortage of window fabrics when it comes to motorized window treatment. Anyone can easily find a wide variety of textures, colors, and designs to fit perfectly with the overall home ambiance. Remember with the motorized home treatments, there is always a solution to fit the décor and design of every house of the room.

They Are Smooth, Quite and Works With Precision

Motorized drapes nowadays are quite and the motors are so much fine-tuned that the movement happens too smoothly. Home automation brands have done a good job in making the motor units virtually noise-free.

Motorized Drapes Are Way Safer Than Manual Controls

There can be times when your hands can get tangled in the chords of manual shades or drapery systems. This can be easily prevented by installing a motorized solution to your home drapes.

Motorized Drapes Can Easily Be Customized For Windows Of Any Shapes And Sizes

Recently home windows have seen a big transition from being a utilitarian feature to an architectural quality of a house. Nowadays windows of any shape such as circle, trapezoid, angles, and arches can be easily given a motorized solution to make them look more cool.

They Can Be Easily Powered With The Help Of Batteries Or Your Home Air Conditioner

Similar to the availability of fabric options, motorized drapes even have several options for powering themselves. As of now, battery-driven units are widely increasing both in popularity and availability. They can now even be powered with the help of your home air conditioners. These two powering options are very helpful and are opening up the markets to the new homeowners.

Motorized drapes are curtains are no down an increasing trend. They are useful, beneficial, and works perfectly in any type of space. If you want to know more about motorized curtains visit our website at Galaxy Design.