How Custom-Made Curtains Can Transform Your Home

Getting a hold on draperies and curtains for the interior of a house can sometimes be challenging for a wide range of reasons. Until and unless you are an interior designer or have an eye for decoration of house interior, choosing a window frame or covering for the indoor space is difficult. The best way out of such problems is by using custom made curtains. Custom made curtains are one of the most simple and a very easy way that can drastically change the overall aesthetics of a home. Adding a set of custom made drapery to a living room or a bedroom or any other space as such has got a huge number of benefits. These custom made curtains have got some other benefits too. From softening the overall look and feel to adding some texture and warmth to the space where installed, custom made curtains are something that every house owner should opt for. Though sometimes it is indeed true that custom made curtains aren’t inexpensive, but the overall perks of having them installed in a house can save the owner from both drainage of extra money and headache in the future years. All our products from the house of Galaxy Designs especially that of draperies hardware and custom-made curtains can be designed and crafted according to your need, your style, and your essence. All these custom-made products when installed can surely create an essence of its own. We at Galaxy Design make use of very high-quality fabric for all our custom made curtains such that our buyers can enjoy complete peace of mind. Here is a brief portfolio of our latest range of custom made curtains.

7-VPSh_Triple Standard Custom Made Drapes: The 7-VPSh_Triple Standard custom made curtains is one of the most luxurious custom-made curtains online. With this custom-made curtain package, the owner gets a versatile and timeless addition that can be easily coupled to any room décor. The fabric used over here works exceptionally good with almost all sorts of sheer fabrics. The user gets to see a long-range of eye-catchy solids in this package that provides a perfect touch of added modernism to the space where it is installed.

Picture Trio Window_2-piece Custom Made Drapes

This custom made drapery is just perfect whenever it comes to showing off your choice and your way of living. The Picture trio custom made curtains go perfectly with any sort of windows or doors irrespective of its location. This custom made curtain panel is constructed in a way such that it gives the user a sense of versatility and timeless design to the overall aesthetics of the room.

Office Room Arch-2 Piece Custom Made Drapery

The office room arch2 custom made curtain panel is designed especially for those who want a sense of exclusivity to their space. This custom made curtain panel is best made for big offices or workplaces. Wherever installed these custom made curtains create a sense of modernism to that area. They look perfect, especially when used with eye-catchy ikats, sheers, or scrolls.

Now, let’s look at a few steps that can help any space look better with the help of custom made curtains. Before trying out anything else try to consider these design elements listed below for giving your home interior a new look altogether.

  1. Architectural Style: In order to balance the existing architectural style of the room furnishing with the help of custom made curtains, always try considering your material preference. In the very first place, all you need to do is to identify the existing room style and make a pattern of the new style that you want to portray. Apart from that, it is also very essential to consider the overall functionality of the space and then decide if you want to give that space a formal or an informal look. This thing is especially important because custom made curtains are mostly unlined and are mostly used for creating a casual or a semi-formal appearance whereas the drapes are usually lines and provides a better formal look.

  2. Space Perception: Completely depending on the overall purpose of the space, the focal points present in a room is something that will be drawing everyone’s attention. This is the main reason why the window treatment should never be an afterthought option and custom made curtains should always be used. In case if the room size is on the smaller side, custom made curtains can be tailored a bit long and can be hunger higher up than the window frames. Remember curtains and draperies that are a bit longer in length are considered to be a bit more formal whereas curtains that are short usually portray a casual and relaxed look.

  3. Texture And Color: Remember whenever you are looking for custom made curtains, always try to keep the overall functional attributes and the materials in and around the room in mind. Remember the color and texture of the custom made curtains determine the overall scheme of the space. The darker the color scheme is, the more it will be standing out and the lighter the color tone is, the more it will recede. The patterns and texture of the fabrics play a very important role in the overall transformation of the room by bringing all elements of a room in one place.

  4. Lighting Scheme: Before you start with your room decoration, you must consider the natural lighting of a room. A right set of custom made curtains not only enhances the size of a window but it also helps in filtering excess light into a room

We, at Galaxy Design, take pride in providing only the best products to our valued customers Our customers can enjoy guaranteed peace of mind as we always stand behind all our products. All our custom made curtains and hardware come with a lifelong guarantee. It is our duty to guarantee that all the window treatments fit exactly to your house window and in case it doesn’t we do accept returns and fix them for you at no extra cost. If you are in search of custom made drapes and valences near me don’t forget to visit our website at Galaxy Designs.


long window drapes

Long drapes for your home

There it is again – another interior designer on a luxury home show is demonstrating something with the drapes that seems odd.

The drapes come down and pool on the floor.

If you’re used to drapes stopping at the floor you may wonder why this style is used.

This style is called “puddling”. Puddling refers to drapes that spill or puddle onto the floor due to the extra fabric used in the manufacturing process.

Puddling ads a luxurious feel to custom drapes and is said to have been invented by royalty and the rich as a way to show off their wealth. When expensive fabrics were selected for draperies by wealthy homeowners, extra lengths of fabric were used simply to spill onto the floor and accentuate the fact that they had money to spend in such an extravagant way.

Today puddled drapes add an air of luxury and formality to your draperies.

For an example of beautifully puddled drapery panels, take a look at our latest YouTube video featuring our client Ayat Sharif.


Here’s her story…

“Hi, my name is Ayat Sharif. When we first bought our home, we wanted our home to look timeless, elegant, and classic. So we looked online and searched for companies that can help us do that. That’s when we found Galaxy Design.

Galaxy Design’s website contained a large selection of drapes that were elegant, and beautiful, and classic. With beautiful glistening jewels and crystals.

We’ve reached out to Galaxy Design and their customer service was great. Within a few days, they arranged for a video conference. In the video conference, we showed them our home and they were able to send us a wide selection of fabrics that would best suit our home’s color palette and aesthetic.

We finalized the designs, which were customized and tailored for our décor. Within less than a month, the designs were complete and ready. And they were shipped to our home. We asked Anat and Steve to help us with the installation. They were attentive to our needs. And within less than a week, they arranged for the installation of our main level draperies.

We were so pleased with their care and customer service that we decided to complete our home with Galaxy Design draperies.

I recommend Galaxy Designs to anyone who’s looking for elegant drapery designs.”

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How to order custom drapes online

Owning a house or an apartment in the US requires that it’s furnished to taste. From the furniture down to the carpet and curtains that are used should all blend in to give your house that cozy and beautiful look! Furniture and carpets might be a no brainer at times but choosing the right curtain to match the painting sometimes is quite a tough nut to crack. Hence to know which curtains look best with your surroundings, you might require the services of a seasoned interior designer.

This is where galaxy design excels. When in doubt of the uniqueness of your choice of drapes, you can request to be connected to an experienced interior designer who would contact you to give expert advice on the best drapes and curtains to fit your house. Want to know how to accomplish this? Come with us.


  • Log onto our DESIGN GALLERY and browse our over 100 design ideas or alternatively, you could customize your own Elegant Drapery Design Packages. The site provides users with a simple easy to use user interface that allows them to decorate and style drapes with a wide range of designs, colors, and fabrics.
 Expert Advice

Making good drapery choices can be quite difficult, but with the help of seasoned professionals, your windows can have many benefits. Expert interior home decorators can be contacted via face-time or Skype from our site. These experts would guide you through your home to become familiar with your house style and décor before customizing some design ideas which would blend in perfectly with the already established decoration in real-time.

  • DRAPERY SAMPLES:  Once you have chosen the sample that best fits, you can log back onto the site and complete the purchase process by adding your custom curtain/drape, valance and curtain hardware to your online cart and making the purchase.
  • DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION: The purchase is delivered with a detailed manual for installation which in most cases is not necessary to hire a professional installer, as the installation process is quite easy. This is because all the curtain hardware has already been pre-drilled and comes with screws and anchors to make the whole installation process very easy. Moreover, if you are still finding it difficult installing the drapery and curtains, you have access to up to 60 minutes of live phone support during the installation process.


We have demystified the cliché of having custom drapes ordered online being difficult.

(to get and come with defects, as our curtains come in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get, design.) Remove

Visit our YouTube channel to view some of our customs made curtain designs and drapes and also instructional videos on how to order custom made drapes and how to install curtain hardware.

Give your home a treat by visiting our site because at galaxy design, we offer drapery packages for every window type

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Have you ever entered your new apartment and wonder which curtain will serve best for the windows in your living room, bedroom or any other room in the house or apartment?

Yes, a lot of people find themselves in this dilemma and are usually lost as to what curtain design they can apply to their rooms to suit the lighting and décor.

Matching color and texture of curtains and drapes to the painting and décor of a home does not always seem to work for some house. Sometimes, what you need is to tweak the design of the curtain itself to bring out its full glory. Also, the type of curtain hardware used to hold up and design the drapes can add elegance and beauty to the finishing.

For example, the drape below could have been hung straight and still look nice, but with our one of a kind Swarovski crystal-embellished hardware and the design we employed when hanging it, the result is a dining room with splendor.


Also, Which curtains look best with my living room? It is a question we get almost day of the week as most people are tired of doing the same old sheer straight curtain hanging. And this is where we step in to help. But to drive home the point, we would do a quick review of the types of drapes that are commonly used based on their attachment style:

  • PANELS WITH RINGS: This is also known as the Grommet and eyelet. It consists of ringed panels that are attached to the top of the edge of the fabric. This type of design is common and produces a curtain or drape that stretches across the window and flows downwards. Not much design can be derived from this style as custom hardware isn’t used, just the generic rod and ring.
    • PLEATED PANELS: This is a classic type of drapery design. They are the most formal type of curtains and consist of a rod from which pleated fabric is hung. The pleated panels come in different designs like Pinch pleat, Goblet Pleat, Pencil Pleat, Cartridge Pleat, and Tuxedo Pleat.
    • TAB TOP: This consists of loops of fabric which are sewn into the top of the curtain through which the curtain rod hardware passes through. Most times, valances are attached to this style of design to hide away the loops. This style usually cascades into a straight or ripple-like curtain style.
    • ROD POCKET PANELS: This is the most simplistic of curtain designs. Here the curtain just slips through a channel or piece of clothing sewn into the back of the curtain. This way, the rod is well hidden. Some homeowners still prefer to add valances to cover up the protrusions at the end.


Having looked at the various curtain designs, you will find out that they all produce curtains that just hang down in one flow without much elegance except for the occasional pleats in the pleated panels. Also sometimes they can be held back with simple decorative tie-backs but that doesn’t give it much of an elegant design.

But at galaxy designs, we style your drapes to suit the window. Whether it be a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, patio or bedroom. Our unique designs are top-notch. The pictures below are examples of some of the designs we have done.


At galaxy designs, we provide fully decorative curtain hardware that blends custom drapes. Our Swarovski hardware comes in different designs that suit whatever type of window or door you are trying to the cloth. Take a look at some of our designs and compare them with the generic straight curtains that are obtainable. Also, notice the stylishly crafted curtain hardware used to hold the curtains in place and see why we are the best drapes and Curtain Company in the world.

For more design ideas and see which drapery packages are best for you, watch this video Elegant Drapery Designs for Every Window Type and start customizing your own drapery packages.

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