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You also receive your design kit which includes all the  that you need to complete your drapery project


Included in your design kit you  will receive a full size hardware sample that you can see, feel and touch.


Included in your design kit you  will receive your Color leaf samples so that you can select the best color that works with your furniture and home decor.


Included in your design kit you  will receive your texture and color coordinated design pallets


Included in your design kit you  will receive your own custom designs before you even start your project.



What Our Customers say about us!

I love my new drapes they turned out so beautiful, the colors work with all my furniture Thank you
The colors and the textures of the drapes are so beautiful. The drapery packages came with all the instructions and they were so easy to install. My home now looks so elegant and beautiful Thanks to you guys.
All the other designers turned me away because of the type of windows that i had. You took on the job and did an amazing work. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for curtains and furniture. Thanks
The work was amazing, the designers showed me many choices and worked with me till i got what i wanted. My home is now complete. Thanks Galaxy design
My Mother had recommended you, and i am so glad i decided to use your drapery packages. I cant wait to have a party and show my family my new elegant draperies  
What i had before is not possible to compare to what you did today. My experience with galaxy design exceeded all my expectations. Thank you. I am glad that i have found your company.