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Utilizing drapes and window treatments is the most charming and simple method of converting your space, simply need to let in light, and show the view. You can include another dimension by making a window a point of emphasis. Before you choose what will be the best option for your windows, consider the vision you need to accomplish. The style you select will rely upon the kind of window, amount of light you want, the view, and furniture style and while you do that keep in mind that we are here to make your life simple by providing custom drapery packages.

Our drapery bundles offer many custom drapes choices that accompany numerous advantages: Custom draperies enable you to have a home decor inspiration you were going for and show your unique and one of a kind style. Locally acquired, readymade, drapes limit your window treatment choices and styles.

With custom drapery bundles you can tweak the measurements to your window size and make a customized look, similar to a splendidly fitted suit. You can choose from a variety of custom drapery packages choices like motorized drapes, valance & panels, full window dressing, and scroll panels.

Custom drapes come in infinite design choices, from material to header style. With these alternatives, however, comes a significant value contrast from off-the-rack drapery. Custom drapes are an essential piece of any great style theme. Useful and alluring, custom drapes can help you in assembling the look you wanted for your home in a refined and luxurious finish.
Among different sorts of custom drapery packages, the classic full window dressings are the elitist one. It will significantly change your view. Some even say that draperies are one that represents the first impression of the room.

For casual decor, consider scroll down & panels with lightly textured fabrics with simple treatment. For a room on the formal side, pick valance and boards to include an extra oomph factor with exquisite materials will be perfect. You can totally pick motorized drapes style because Motorized draperies diminish the requirement for potentially perilous ropes and chords in your home, making a more secure atmosphere for kids and pets.

With pressing a small button, you can watch your custom motorized drapes glide from side to side, all over, and stop precisely where you’d like. A few choices of motorized solutions are available, from the standard and financially savvy to the more premium choices.

Our motorized drapes are well suited with HOME automatic system Framework, so you can streamline the control of your window treatments, lighting, home entertainment, security and warming/cooling system all with the one control.