An exquisite set of window treatments or Draperies can complement any room’s architecture, whether you want to block that undesirable view and conserve energy or want to enhance the sight. Ornamental hardware is essential for full window dressing packages. when elegantly coordinated to an existing style, any window treatment can act as a final touch to the room.

we’ve been designing and manufacturing the most noteworthy quality window treatments and draperies for private and residential spaces for more than a decade now. Our window treatments at Galaxy design are rich, elegant, conventional and are a timeless classic. With each item that we make we provide high-quality, variety of designs and better service. Each product while manufacturing undergoes a thorough quality control from texture inspection throughout the production line to the physical assessment of the final item. Our window treatments offer value to your cash.

We give rich luxurious drapery packages each appropriate for your home and the outcome is beyond expectations!

Our full window drapery packages are structured with the goal that you can keep your beautiful view while maintaining your privacy as well.

From laid-back to extravagant, full window draperies are key in establishing the tone of any room. Prepared to talk about custom window treatments for your home?

Choose from our extravaganza and burlesque variety of draperies, while choosing you should exclusively pick the choice that should be appealing, it will ultimately dictate the light that is thrown into space, so a versatile full window drapery is your best choice.

With our expert opinion and samples of fabric and hardware will present an astounding arrangement that will transform your space.

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