Installation Guide

Curtain & Drapery Installation Guide

When you desire an enchanting wall or casement in your house, you look for an eye-catching window treatment. Galaxy Design’s applications are easy to install. It means you need no external help to reign the elegant drapery packages in your home décor.

The videos here help you with expert design assistance. Following the instructions, anyone can measure, hang, and install the drapery hardware and bless their eyes. To ensure that the packages you gave obtained work the smoothest, our professional in the video has explained every detail minutely.

When you go after the video accurately that explains your need, you will find that the professional there has answered all your ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’. Whether you are looking for ways to install full window dressing, DIY custom window treatments, dress your swags & cascade valences, or DIY swag curtains, you get here everything.

Galaxy Design has always been a client-friendly company that has helped its prized customers with the utmost services. We are in the business for more than four decades and can boast of being the best in the industry. In every step, we have come up with innovative ideas that can help you mesmerize your guests.

Scroll down and explore!

Install Full Window Dressing-5 piece | Part-1 | Assemble Hardware
Full Window Dressing-5 piece | Part 2 | Install Hardware
Full window dressing-5 DIY Part 3 | Install drapes
Full Window Dressing-5 | Part 4 | Dress Your Panels and Valances
5 piece full window dressing
Galaxy Design 2 & 3 piece drapery packages
Florence scroll & Crown combo-5 | with traverse rod drapes
Install DIY Custom Window Treatments in Four Simple Steps
Do It Yourself: Three-Piece Window Treatment 3 pc valance only
Install Curtains, Drapes and Sheers, Using our Drapery Hardware French Crown Combo
how to steam your pleated drapes
How to Pin Drapery Hooks: DIY Drapery Hardware Tutorial
How to remove wrinkles from your | Drapes
How to Dress your Swags & Cascade Valances?
Tips : How to Keep my drapes from getting stuck on the rod
Tips: How to place drapery panels on a hold back the right way
Tips: Curtain Holdbacks DIY - How to create a Bishop with no Holdback
Tips: How to Install Curtain Holdbacks in 3 Simple Steps
Valances for Windows | DIY swag curtains #249 Venetian crown-3

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