Innovative Drape and Drapery Ideas

A gorgeous piece of window will often stand on its own, but when a piece of nicely customized curtains and draperies are added to it, it can give a lot better aesthetics to the space. Buying the exact drapery or curtain sets can be seriously difficult at times and can even be a time-consuming process. There are many people out there who put off the decision of buying curtains for a long time as because they don’t know where to start with. Several factors have to be kept in mind such as lengths, styles, rods, pelmets, fabrics, pleats, and valences, while you are planning to put curtains over your windows. Much far from a regular afterthought, draperies and curtains add a frame to a window, give length to your room, adds a wow factor, and even gives a finishing touch while tying a room together. In order to help you with your window draperies, we have got some innovative ideas that can help you make your personal space look better.

Curtain Headings For Your Home Window

  • Rod Pocket: Rod pocket is the most basic heading style for your home windows. This is done to create a pocket when the curtain fabric is turned back and feeds the curtain rod. The curtain rod then fits through the gaping made on the curtain fabric. This method of hanging the curtains allows it to gather in one place. Although it looks decorative, it might not be that much functional mainly due to its difficulty in sliding the curtains all through the railings.
  • Eyelet: These curtains can only be used with the help of curtain poles. They generally give a contemporary look along with a nice industrial touch to it. Draperies and curtains with eyelet heading generally gives an even, large and natural soft folds.
  • Curtain Rings: Curtain rings are a very popular choice among many. In this technique, curtains are generally attached to the rings with the help of certain small hooks. Those rings are then slipped over the curtain rod. This technique is very much durable and practical in nature. Over here the curtains can easily be removed and replaced when needed.
  • Goblet Pleat: The Goblet pleat technique is a traditional and a formal way of hanging curtains. They look just perfect especially on the Georgian, Victorian, or other types of homes that have very high ceilings. Over the top, these curtains have a cylindrical type of cuff that generally resembles a glass of wine. The main pleat of these draperies are either interlined or filled with wadding. These curtain types can be seen mostly on some traditional or grand spaces.
  • Tailored Pinch Pleat: The pinch pleated curtains generally comprise of a group of several pleats. They are mostly placed in an even way all along the curtains in order to create a formal heading. These curtain types stack very nicely to one another and are ideal to be used in a lounge or on a formal dining space.
  • Pencil Pleat: Elegant and contemporary, pencil pleats generally consist of tight long folds especially from the top part of the curtains. These neat and tidy consistent folds show resemblance to the size of a pencil and hence it got its name.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Drapes And Curtains

Curtains, in general, make a statement and always give a final finishing touch to your home’s decor. Curtains are probably the last piece of things that most of the people end up in selecting and are too often an afterthought in the world of home décor. Buying a perfect set of curtains and drapes can actually be the key to create a completely finished space making things just seem more complete. Finding a suitable set and the best place to buy drapes and curtains can be a task in itself. A lot of stuff is needed to be considered while you are in the process of buying curtains.

Buying the right set of curtains and drapes

Finding the best place to buy drapes and curtains can really be a frustrating one and so is the process of selection. From selecting a perfect style to finding the right size there are a lot of factors that are needed to be considered while you are in the process of buying drapes. The world of draperies is too big and you’ll always find something décor-wise and budget-wise, completely suiting your need.
Keeping all these factors in mind we have found the best place to buy curtains at an affordable price for every room in your house.
Galaxy Design is a one-stop solution for all your home needs when it comes to curtains and drapes. Here you will be getting over thousands of styles ranging from lacy designs to perfect blackout drapes. Galaxy designs search feature is easy to operate and easy to filter by material, pattern and décor style. There isn’t any more need to look here and there in search of the best places to buy curtains. So let’s find out by diving into the beautiful world of curtains and see what’s in store for us.

Let’s See What Is In Store For Us In The Hardware Section Of Curtains and Drapes

Picking up the best decorative drapery hardware can be an icing on the cake and make your window look more elegant than ever before. You can get to choose from a unique set of collections from tiebacks, finials, crowns, scrolls, etc. The classic collection included the store is available in 3 different sizes-small, medium and large. The drapery hardware included in the store generally works for any type of bay windows, arch windows, stacked windows, French doors and any other type available in the market. You can choose from 4 different colors i.e. radiant gold, antique silver, platinum silver, and antique gold.
Galaxy designs provide customized solutions in mounting your hardware accessories as they are the own manufacturers of these products. Being in this business of providing top curtains and accessories for over 40 years galaxy designs gives you unmatched warranty services. All the products that you buy from here come with a lifetime warranty and are made with high quality cast aluminum for light installation and shipping. All the products that you get from here go through rigorous quality checks before the assembly takes place. All these features make this web store the best place to buy draperies and curtains.

Curtains and Drapes For Your Windows

Our online store can be the best place to buy drapes and curtains as you get to choose from a large variety of products as per your preferences. Roman shades can be in your bucket list as it contains one continuous piece of cloth featuring horizontal folds and drapes beautifully touching your floor. You can save a lot by buying drapes from our discount curtains section.
Shutters can also be a very good option while choosing a dress for your windows. They can provide you a classic treatment with an architectural design along with it. The beautifully crafted elegant design of shutters can look very attractive both from inside and outside.
Other window treatments may include cellular shades, roller shades, wood blind, faux wood blinds and a lot more.

Best Place To Buy Custom Curtains

While you are in the search for the best place to buy drapes and curtains you must not forget about custom curtains. Galaxy designs provide hand-made custom curtains and drapes crafted especially from a luxurious piece of cloth, keeping in mind the requirements of the customer. Custom made drapery can be a perfect fit for every type of room giving it a stylish appearance when layered especially with shades and blinds. As said always galaxy designs are the best place to buy drapes and curtains and this phrase completely matches their work. Customs are made with the exact measurement and specification of your wall making it a perfect fit. Cornice board and fabric valances can add a character to your room when added with your perfectly tailored custom curtains.

Buying Window Shades

Shades provide a look at your home along with adding utility in your daily life. Galaxy designs have all the experience and have been designing perfect shades that blend easily with the rest of the room. Their website provides an entire range of window coverings and you are allowed to choose anything from roman shades, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds plantation shutters, and many others according to your need. You must have a look at their website if you are in search of the best place to buy drapes and curtains and you will surely get each and every bit to decorate your windows.

Buying Motorized Curtains

The best place to buy drapes and curtains should have variety in the bucket list. Now in the era of making homes, smart motorized curtains are the ones you need. As the name suggests motorized curtains can raise or lower with the help of a motor. All you need to do is press a button and voila the shade goes up or down in seconds. Galaxy designs being one of the best place to but drapes and curtains feature this in their menu. You can simply log on to their website and choose anything that suits your preference.

Buying Solar Shades

These shades are manufactured to reduce infrared heat gain, provide privacy and reduce visual glare. Almost all modern offices and residential buildings need extra protection from the sun rays. Here’s where solar shades come into play. If you’re in the need of something like this and are in the search for the best place to buy drapes and curtains you should surely visit their website and have a glance at a large number of options.
Getting to visit the galaxy design web page can really make your search for the best place to buy drapes and curtains over. If you aren’t quite sure about the products that you are looking for- the slew of items Galaxy Designs has will surely help you to steer in the right direction. The vast range of styles and the minimum price that you need to pay for it will surely block your mind. Thus it can be surely worth mentioning that in the entire US, Galaxy design is one of the best places to buy drapes and curtains.