How to Dress Your Windows for Success with Galaxy Design DIY Curtains

When you move into a new living space, there are many special touches that you will thoughtfully add to turn your house into a home. The same rule applies when you are looking to update the look of your dwelling space so that it is reflective of your personality and tastes. Choosing the right furniture, floor coverings and art pieces are often a part of this process, but one of the most eye-catching ways to complete your room design and tie everything together, is through custom drapery designs.

Galaxy Design DIY Curtains

Curtains come in a wide array of styles, fabrics, and designs, and with Galaxy Design curtain decoration ideas, we can help you perfectly dress any size or shape of window in a few simple steps.


Galaxy Designs is proud to offer window treatments that range from elegant to contemporary. You will find only the finest fabrics made of silks, polyester and other natural fabrics. We have patterns to complement any space and window style.

In addition, we offer many curtain styles, including swags, valances, panels, cornices and more. With Galaxy drapery designs, you can even choose motorized window treatment options. The combinations of designs are endless with Galaxy’s elegant selections of fine fabrics and high end custom decorative hardware.


Once you have browsed our captivating Galaxy Design curtain decoration ideas, our professional and friendly design team will be pleased to join you for a complementary phone or video consultation. With your vision in mind, we will help you select the perfect DIY swag curtains or other drapery designs to complete your room decor.

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Our specialists will guide you every step of the way from fabric, lining, and color selection to assisting you in choosing eye catching decorative hardware. With designs ranging from classic elegance to ornate hand painted hardware adorned with Swarovski crystals, no detail will be left ignored.

After your personalized consultation, our knowledgeable consultants will create a custom pallet of hues and fabric swatches for you to use in your home to make your final selections before ordering.


Once you have taken measurements and worked with your personal designer, we will assist you in placing your order. We offer complete custom window treatment packages, as well as a la carte items that include all hardware and simple step by step DIY installation instructions. If you are not comfortable with installing your curtains, we work with and can connect you to professional installers nationwide.

Galaxy Design is honored to partner with you in creating a living space that is beautifully polished and reflective of your unique style. We are thrilled to offer the personalized elegance and luxury of custom curated window treatments, made right here in the USA, to our customers nationwide. We don’t want you to simply cover your windows, we want to help you dress them for success.

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How Curtains Can Make Your Room Look Awesome

How curtains can make your room look awesome is a very common question that every homeowner faces while decorating their beautiful space. If you are still thinking of how curtains can make your room look awesome remember curtains are not only used as a covering to the windows but it is also used as a key decorative element to any space. Apart from all these the best answer to how curtains can make your room look awesome can be easily defined by the vibrant color schemes they have. Room curtains can be easily said as the most important adornment to our spaces or even our workplaces. Curtains or draperies have got the central portion or fashion articulation and domestic enrichment in most of our homes. In short, they can be defined as much more than just subjective fabric, delivering protection at nights, and protecting our homes from bright sunlight during the daytime. If you are thinking of how curtains can make your room look awesome remember picking up the right shade of curtains can really make a big difference to the overall vibe and energy of a room. Buying a perfect set of double layer curtains or curtains for kids room or even living room curtains can certainly become a befuddling assignment. Here in this article we will be giving you a brief idea of different curtain or drape types and let you know more on how curtains can make your room look awesome.

Remember curtains or drapes can really provide positive vibes inside the room. There can be times while you are walking inside your beautiful space after a tiring and long day and wish to feel the warmth and consolation of the space. Well, curtains of different types can be of real help to answer this question.

How Curtains Can Make Your Room Look AwesomeBest Curtains For Living Rooms:

Living Room Curtains-Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds come in different styles, shapes and colors. These blinds are just perfect to easily integrate with the overall color scheme of any house. They are even good at providing a graceful and amazing appearance to a house. These blinds can be an easy match to any living room or even bedroom.

Living Room Curtains-Roman Shades: Roman shades can be easily classified in a very popular type of window covering. They are perfect for providing the utmost privacy inside a space. At Galaxy Designs, we provide our clients with different type of roman shade curtains compromising of various colors, patterns, designs or textures. We not only make just curtains or cover your walls, but we help you design your space in the way you want. All our curtains are completely customizable and come with uniquely designed hardware.

Living Room Curtains– Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds can be easily classified as the most versatile and one of the best choices among all other curtain types. Most people across the US and Canada like to choose customized blinds of this type for their spaces. The Venetian blinds are great in providing elegance and timeless design at the same time. These blinds come with a lot of material options and finishes to choose from. Among everything else, the Venetian blinds are a perfect twist between guaranteed privacy and usability at the same time. If you are thinking of how curtains can make your room look awesome, don’t forget to try the Venetian blinds for your living space.

Living Room Curtains– Sheer Vertical Blinds: The sheer vertical blinds are always a standout among all other types of blinds. They are very good at providing a very high level of contrasting color and it even has an ability to blend with any sort of background designs. The sheer vertical blinds mostly come combined with drapes, quite similar to that of conventional curtains. In most cases, the fabrics used in the making of these blinds are great to provide privacy and even helps in letting natural light to pass through. These blinds are perfect to be used mostly in the formal spaces of the house especially that of the living room or the dining space. Sheer vertical blinds are a great answer to the question of how curtains can make your room look awesome.

Living Room CurtainsHorizontal Window Blinds: If you have your house made in traditional architectural format, then the horizontal window blinds blend perfectly with the overall surroundings. These blinds can be generally seen in all sorts of light and dark color shades. As because these blinds are very less prone to warping, they can be best used in the spaces where air humidity is always high.

Living Room Curtains– Rod Pocket: The rod pocket drapery is by far the basic heading style for windows of any style. These are great in creating a pocket especially when the curtains are turned back and while they feed the curtain rod. The rod then fits just perfectly in the gaping of the fabric. This way of hanging the curtains helps in gathering the curtains in just a place. Though it looks great but at times it might not be very functional creating difficulty in sliding the curtains in between the railings.

Living Room Curtains– Eyelet: Eyelet curtains can only be used with the help of specially designed curtain poles. They are great in providing a contemporary look along with giving a nice industrial touch to it. In most of the cases, curtains or draperies fit with eyelet heading gives a feel of large, even and natural soft folds.

Living Room Curtains– Curtain Rings: The curtain rings are often considered to be a very popular choice among many. In this particular technique, the drapes or curtains are usually attached to a set of rings mainly with the help of hooks. These rings are then slipped over to the rod giving it a perfect finish altogether. This is considered to be a very practical and durable technique at almost all times. With the help of this technique, curtains can be very easily replaced or removed whenever necessary.

All these sets of curtains, draperies, and blinds are a very good answer to your thoughts of how curtains can make your room look awesome. If you are in search of custom-designed draperies for your space, you can check our wide range of collections according to your taste. At Galaxy Designs, we even customize drapes and curtain hardware according to your preference. All of our products are made from high-quality materials and are crafted with the finest craftsmanship.


The Importance Of Good Drapery Hardware

We all know how good a room can look, once all the window treatments are in their place. While in the process of selecting a drapery, many people ignore the hardware part. As important as the fabric can be, drapery hardware is also an important aspect to put your focus on rather than keeping it to a default afterthought option.

Drapery hardware is similar to a cherry on top of a cake. They have the power to make even the best window draperies fall short if not selected properly. Apart from playing a very important functional role, drapery hardware also plays a major part in holding up the overall appearance. So, before you are up with your hardware buying decision, it is very much important to understand some basic hardware lingo. Here we would be discussing some of the importance of a good drapery hardware.

Choosing The Best Drapery Hardware For Your House

With all the wide range of options available for the drapery hardware, it can sometimes be difficult to start with choosing the right one. Here are some tips that can be helpful to make your decision process a bit easy.

Make your draperies be your guide: It is very important to evaluate the fabric on the very first place. Make a note on the weight of your drapery or if it is layered with some sort of treatments. These can help you in narrowing down the hardware choice a bit more quickly.
Try Sticking To Your Style: In case you have a traditional type of house, don’t just buy an ultra-modern type of hardware or curtains. Sometimes its good to bring something different but make sure that makes good sense.
Considering The Hardware Rods: Remember while you are putting your hardware, make sure your drapery rods are in place. Well, it’s always up to you if you want your drapery hardware to be visible or if you want your window treatment to cover it.

The way you put your drapery hardware influences the overall appearance of the space. Read the following tips in order to get the best results.

  • Try to hang your drapery hardware at least four to six inches above the window frame. This can help in making the ceiling look taller.
  • Try out extending the pole hardware a bit more than the window frame in order to make both the room and the window look larger.
  • To get a proper unified look, never forget to hang all the hardware of your space at the same height regardless of the size of the window.
  • Never forget to take extra care while measuring the window panels.

Remember draperies, always look incomplete without a proper hardware attached to it. Even the finest of all draperies can give a boring and drab look unless and until it is accompanied by the best hardware range. In order to get the optimal impact of your home curtains and draperies, it is important to do sensible choices of the hardware. If you are in search of elegant drapery hardware and accessories, visit our website to know more.


The Importance Of Good Curtains In Your Home

There’s no denying of the fact that home windows are generally the point of fascination for anything domestic. That’s the very reason why they are mostly enhanced with blinds, shades, draperies and curtains. Curtains are generally the most required and important adornment to our workplaces and our houses. As of now draperies and curtains have ended up to be the central portion of domestic enrichment and fashion articulation in most houses. Curtains and draperies are the best possible way to reflect our taste and induce meaning to a particular room.

To be precise, curtains are a lot more than subjective fabric that delivers protection at night and keeps the light subtle during the day. They play a big role in the overall aesthetics and the fundamental composition of your space. Picking up the right shade of draperies and curtains can really make a big distinction to the overall energy and vibe of a room. Sometimes buying the right pair of curtains can be a befuddling assignment until and unless you know what exactly goes with the remaining components of your house.

Curtains are known to provide a vibe inside the room. There can be a time when you walk inside your house after a long and tiring day and wish to feel the consolation and warmth. Some of the major points of interest in the importance of having good curtains in your home are:

  • Decoration

Draperies and curtains are the key components and their plan, color, size, and shape contribute wholly to the room’s overall aesthetics. For example, if you pointing on a particular thing such as an old fashioned ponder, curtains with comparing shades can effectively emphasize the specific tone.

  • Sunlight Regulation

There can be times when the coordinate sunlight can be a bit bothersome and can cause a big distress to your house. Home window curtains play a major role in providing assistance and regulating the direct sunlight coming through your windows. In case if the daylight is too much, you can easily near your window curtains a bit. Moreover, at any time of the day, you can make them open if you feel the need for more natural light to peep in.

  • Protection and Privacy

Privacy and protection can be one of the many significant reasons for having a good pair of curtains in your space. They are the best when it comes to providing privacy to the family. Curtains even help in avoiding intruders or burglars for peeping in and play a major role in the overall safety of your home. Home draperies and curtains can also help by providing protection from additional glare of sunlight and the noise coming from vehicle movement.

  • Prevention From Dust

There is always a chance of dust particles entering the house even when the windows are closed. These small dust particles mostly tend to settle on the furniture making the whole house look very untidy. Window ornaments such as draperies and curtains can be the best way to stop these dust particles from entering.

Home curtains are an integral part of our daily life. Thus, it is very important for us to choose the right set of curtains in order to make our house appear more complete. In case you want to know more about the usefulness of draperies and curtains or if you want to buy a pair of curtains for your house, you can visit our website at Galaxy Design.