Window Treatment Ideas For Old Fashioned Rural Homes

The things that make your home beautiful and attractive from inside and outside are the window decorations made by you. They’re the true essentials that give each room texture, dimension, and personality, as well as tying together a lot of the other design and decor components. When you live in a rural area, your old-fashioned home needs extra treatment to increase its curb appeal. The traditional simple and artistic design like farmhouse window treatments could be the best option to choose. There are many different styles to pick from, just like anything else. Farmhouse window treatments are fantastic at making rooms feel warm and inviting. Let’s take a look at a few other ways you may personalize them.

What kind of window treatments is required for rural homes?

The traditional, no-frills design of old-fashioned rural houses is combined with a sprinkle of updated modern accents to create a modern design. Think shiplap walls, reclaimed wood floors, and vintage furniture discoveries – this style of décor is full of personality and gives off a relaxed and welcome atmosphere.

One of the best places to start when looking for farmhouse-style window treatment ideas is deciding the materials you want to utilize. The laid-back charm that modern farmhouse decor conjures can be achieved using richly textured wood and woven textiles. Natural hues like earth tones can be balanced with warm whites and rich blues to create a beautiful color pallet.

Sheers for the soft touch

Sheers add a nice, soft touch to a rural window, allowing light to stream into space elegantly. If you still want the privacy of classic curtains, pair them with decorative voile to keep the windows from looking bare when they’re open while also allowing you to experiment with patterns. Sheer materials can also be used to soften ‘harder’ areas of the house, such as restrooms. For impact and to bring interest to what is normally a neutral room, choose a design with splashes of color.

Shutters and curtains

‘Shutters and curtains, where practicable, benefit rural houses not only for practical reasons but also because they frame the window and show off the view. As attractive as shutters are on their own, windows can look naked without further decorating, so stacking them in this way achieves a clean solution without detracting from the window’s charm.

Valences for rustic decor

Valances were once quite popular, and having curtains or window treatments without one made the room appear empty and unfinished. They grew antiquated over time, but they are making a comeback in the context of rustic or farmhouse-style decor. The contrast between the wood window valance and the light and thin drapes with a delicate lace design is stunning.

Try something natural with woven wood shades

White walls are used in many modern farmhouses to maintain the space airy and cheerful, as well as to act as a canvas for other fascinating design elements like lighting and artwork. Woven Wood Shades provide texture to walls and windows, and the natural colors complement wood flooring and exposed beams. Woven woods create a soothing atmosphere in any space.

Printed grain sacks for a complete rural look

Printed grain sacks are a natural décor addition for a farmhouse-style home, but finding a way to use them can be challenging. This creative technique transforms sack panels into valances. Simply drape it over the curtain rod; the smooth surface draws attention to the print while keeping the focus on the fabric’s rough-weave texture.


6 Creative DIY Curtain Hanging Ideas!

Elegant drapery package FWD# 51

Your room’s look is molded by curtains completely, and we know you value this statement too. Starting from acting like an insulation and privacy provider, curtains are outstanding and crucial element to shape your room differently. Usually when you look around yourself, you observe curtains handing in a usual manner making it a cliché idea to apply on your new home décor. Here are some super amazing guides to dress up your room with curtains, adding a creative outlook to the room.

Before walking through curtain hanging ideas, let’s show you certain DIY Curtains and installation ideas to increase your scope for curtain decorations.


  1. Curtain Track

It is an elegant way to hang curtains which are not visible from outside, giving you a clean look. These are also preferred for curved windows letting curtains to smoothly move from one edge to other without distorting the room look. If you are searching for DIY Sliding glass door curtains, Curtain track will blend easily with it.

  1. Curtain Pole

A curtain pole is installed at outer surface of the window and is displayed above the curtains. It is really effective if you are planning to install heavy curtain to your window.

  1. Overlapping Curtains

It will be a classing and graceful look of your curtain, especially if it’s a sheer one, put tow layer of curtains above each other while connecting the clip curtain rings of them into the curtain rod.

  1. Curtain Rod

You can put a tiny rod at the edge of your window and sip it into the hole of the curtain. After the curtain hole gets inserted into it, put the other corner of the rod to the window and enjoy the classy look of the curtain.

Below are the DIY curtain hanging ideas that you are looking for your room to make it an interesting one.

  • Pole Pocket

You can turn your curtain fabric back on itself to create a pocket which can be slipped into curtain rod. Thus pole pocket curtain hanging idea will give your curtain a heavy look.  

  • Curtain Rings

Here the curtains are hooked with rings that are put onto the curtain pole. It’s the most easy and simple way to hang and remove curtains, with an elegant touch.

  • Eyelet

Eyelet hanging curtains will give you a pleasant soft folded look to the window treatments which is installed upon curtain poles. And for putting curtains in your sliding door, eyelet will be the best DIY sliding glass door curtains for it.

  • Tab-Top

Tab-top curtains can be handed with curtain poles as they have loops at the top, giving it an urban look. These are really explosive curtains and so, use a good quality fabric here for good finish

  • Tie-Top

To give your home a cool, rustic and relaxed style, Tie-top DIY curtain hanging ideas is worth of it. You need to simply tie up ribbons attached at the curtain top around the rod. Use light fabric and linens with that.

  • Pencil Pleat

These are the long, tight folds of curtains on the rod, giving it a pencil shape. You can experiment different colors and weight with it.

  • Tab-Top

Tab-top curtains can be handed with curtain poles as they have loops at the top, giving it an urban look. These are really explosive curtains and so, use a good quality fabric here for good finish

  • Tie-Top

To give your home a cool, rustic and relaxed style, Tie-top DIY curtain hanging ideas is worth of it. You need to simply tie up ribbons attached at the curtain top around the rod. Use light fabric and linens with that.

  • Pencil Pleat

These are the long, tight folds of curtains on the rod, giving it a pencil shape. You can experiment different colors and weight with it.


Thus with this above simple DIY curtain hanging ideas and curtain installation ideas, you can continue enhancing your look in an imaginative and unique ways.


Custom Window Treatments for Your New Home

The keys to your new home are in your hand, and you finally own your dream home you have been wishing for since your childhood. But the actual thing that makes your home picture-perfect is still ahead of you. Update your space with luxurious window treatments that speak of your style preferences.

Galaxy Design offers a comprehensive solution to your curtain and drapery requirements. We believe your new home deserves custom window treatments that can allow an air of elegance to your rooms. With the luxurious feel and soothing elegance, our drapes and curtains are expertly crafted to transform your home.

If you are planning to invite your friends to your home for an event but your home is not aesthetically ready to grace your event, Galaxy Design has the best solution to help you create an elegant and relaxing space for your event. Explore our custom-made drapes, blinds, curtains, and drapery hardware to uplift your home décor.

What’s Your Home’s Interior Theme?

Window treatments are a major design upgrade for any room. Before you start choosing curtains and drapes, you must make sure you keep your home’s interior theme in your mind. Your flooring and color palette can create an amazing aesthetic tone when they harmonize well with the selected window treatment products.  

We at Galaxy Design offer free design consultation to help our clients find the most elegant curtains and drapes for your home.

Is Your Window Ideal for Shades or Drapes?

Look at the size and shape of your windows—they will help you choose ideal products that fit your windows perfectly. Shades are generally recommended for small windows, multi-sectional windows, and the window frames that are high above the floor.

On the other hand, drapes can work beautifully with multi-sectional, and wide & tall windows. Choosing perfect products for your window treatments can add dimension, privacy and sophistication to your space.  

Call Galaxy Design to book an expert consultation in order to find your design for your home or office.

The Team of Galaxy Design

Galaxy Design is a group of experienced professional designers who are ready to provide solutions to your window covering needs. If you are not sure which design suits your interior décor, our experienced consultants are ready to listen to your window treatment requirements subtly. Our consultants know what to suggest to you as per your style preference and budget.

What are you waiting for? Visit us or dial our phone number to talk to our professional consultants.

Why Choose Us for Your Window Treatment Needs:

If you look forward to creating a relaxing space in your new home, Galaxy Design is your destination to find unique drapery design and attractive hardware for your windows. We have:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer care specialists to help you find a unique design
  • Experienced designers who work with you until you find the picture-perfect window treatments for your home
  • Exclusive range of Royal Drapery Designs packages Made in the USA
  • Hand-painted Captivating Drapery Hardware embellished with Swarovski crystal elements
  • FREE design consultation for our clients
  • Window treatment options with a 5-Year warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction

Call us today and get expert support from our customer-friendly specialists. If you are not satisfied with our elegant drapery packages or other products, let us know your requirements—we will work until you find what you are looking for.  


A Guide to Choosing the Best Curtain Rods1

An expertly-embellished curtain rod can boost the “wow” factor of your window treatments, and help attain the luxurious look for your space. If you’re unable to decide on the right curtain rods for your window treatments, you’re not alone. Several people cannot choose the right one that complements your window treatments as well as your interior décor.

We’ve covered all the details you should know before you decide on a particular curtain rod. From the varieties of curtain rods available to purchasing the best-suited ones, this precise guide covers everything that you are looking for.

drapery hardware

Find out How Much Weight You Want It to Support:

First of all, selecting a curtain rod should rely on the curtain fabric—heavier curtains require robust rods to stay in place for a longer time. If you are planning to install heavier curtains for your window treatments, you should consider purchasing the rods that are crafted to withstand heavy fabric.  

Keep Your Room Requirements in Mind:

Some specific rooms certainly require a specific type of curtains and rods. For example, your kitchen and bathroom need custom rods to meet the specific window requirements. They have smaller windows and you need to install valances paired with adjustable rods.   

Decide on the Color and Finish:

Now it comes to finding the right color and finish of your curtain rods that add dimension to your windows. If you are planning to install linen curtains, then pair them with a sleek and cast-iron curtain rod to enhance your window treatment.

On the other hand, choosing metallic finish curtain rods can help you add depth to the aesthetic attraction of your room. And wooden curtain rods are frequently recommended to pair with cotton curtains to create a relaxing space. 

Take Care of the Length of Your Curtain Rods:

Don’t ignore the significance of the length of your curtain rods. As a general rule of thumb, a curtain rod should be 4-6 inches more than the length of your window frame. An extended rod creates a grand look, giving more space to open your window.     

Select the Best-Suited Curtain Rods That Suit Your Style and Home Décor:

A carefully-selected curtain rod can add so many elegant touches to your home’s unique interior décor. To meet your requirements, manufacturers offer a large selection of decorative rods in different shapes and designs.

Below are some popular types of decorative curtain rods that you can choose for your custom window treatments:

  • Single Rods: A single rod is one of the most common categories of curtain rod that comes with a single rod and capped with a decorative finial. Such rods are installed to hang single curtains.
  • Double Rods: As the name suggests, double rods are crafted with two separate parallel rods, along with some other decorative pieces. It is preferably ideal for rooms with large window frames. If you want to install blackout curtains in your living room, using double rods will add to its basic functionality.  
  • Traverse Rods: Traverse rods feature clips to hold the curtains. These rods are generally recommended for wide window frames, or for the rooms that need divider curtains.
  • Wrapped Rods: Wrapped rods should ideally be used for blackout curtains. If you want to darken a room, go for the wrapped rods that can help you use your curtains to block the sunlight coming into your room.

How to Install Curtain Rods?

Installing a curtain rod may look like a tricky and intimidating task, but Galaxy Design offers some important tips to help you make it easy and flawless exercise for you. Do you have a large window and need privacy/sun protection? Galaxy Designs recommends installing a heavy-duty deco rod, which everything you need.

Watch this video to learn the tips for installing heavy-duty deco rods in your room:


Valances for Windows | DIY swag curtains #249

Valances have become an incredibly popular option in recent times. If you are dressing windows, you can install these DIY swag curtains on your own. When it comes to installing valances for standard windows, there are certain things that you need to do. We have prepared a guide just for you so that you can place our three-piece crown set known as the Venetian Crown Dash Three.

Install these amazing valances as they come pre-assembled. All you have to do is put them up. With our easy-to-follow instructions, the Venetian Crown Dash Three will be placed in no time. Galaxy Design offers the best valances and curtains that will transform your home with minimal effort. Our valances are designed to suit all types of rooms. Go ahead and follow these steps to install our amazing valances.

  1. Gather the Materials

Before you can hand our valances, you need to have the right set of tools. We suggest that you gather following materials.

  • Drill
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Wall-Mounting Brackets
  • Curtain Rod
  • Valance Rod
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  1. Select the Correct Hardware

When installing the valance, you need to keep in mind that the wall-mounting brackets for the curtain rod have to be half their length. For instance, if the curtain brackets are only two inches in length, the valance brackets would need to be four inches in length.

  1. Install Curtain Brackets

The placement of the initial bracket should be marked using a pencil and tape measure. For longer curtains, you will need to place the curtain rods a bit higher. The pencil should be used to mark the initial curtain bracket. Then, you will need to do the same for the second bracket. After you have marked both the brackets, you need to use a level to check and see if the marks even properly aligned. Once you are satisfied, you can proceed with drilling the wall to place the brackets using screws.

  1. Install the Valance Brackets

The placement of the valance brackets needs to be measured and marked above the curtain rod. Make sure that the alignment is checked using a level to correctly drill the wall.

  1. Hang the Curtain

Run the curtain rod over the tabs if you are installing tab-top curtains. Then, you can hang the brackets of the rod. When using curtain rings or any other hardware, ensure to attach that hardware to the curtains. After that you can hang the rod onto the brackets.

  1. Hang the Valance

Finally, the valance run should be run through the top or curtain hardware will need to be used for attaching the rod and valance. It all depends on the style of valance you have noticed. Then, the valance rod needs to be attached to the brackets and the valance would be adjusted accordingly for spreading the fabric evenly.



Once you have gone over our post, you will be able to install our Venetian Crown Dash Three with minimal effort.


Galaxy Designs Makes DIY Swag Curtains Easy Video #255

custom drapes

Whenever you welcome someone into your home, you want them to feel comfortable and at ease in the surroundings you have created. It is the goal of nearly every homeowner to spend time creating a space that is reflective of their unique and beautiful personalities. This can be done through the colors of paint on the walls, styles of furniture, flooring and artistic touches that are added via wall hangings or other fine art pieces.

All of these specialized touches create a dwelling space that is special. However, one huge area of interior design impact that is often overlooked is the value that beautifully customized window treatments can add. You can find an abundance of luxury window treatment ideas with Galaxy Design curtains.

Scroll to the bottom to see how!

Galaxy Design curtains come in an incredible selection of styles, fabrics, and lengths. Our draperies, such as our DIY swag curtains, also include dazzling hand painted hardware options that you will not find anywhere else. From modern and sleek to specialty hardware encrusted with hand set Swarovski crystals, you will not struggle to find a wide variety of window treatment ideas to dress the windows of your home.

Our ordering process is simple, and we will be with you every step of the way. When you decide that it is time to update the look of your current curtains or you are moving into a new space and starting fresh, simply reach out to one of our design specialists.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of design experts will promptly set up a video conference to speak with you in person about the vision you have for your window treatments. They will view your windows and also work from any photographs you provide.

Once your complimentary consultation is done, our gifted window treatment designers will mail you a pallet of suggested fabric, style and hardware options. This will give you the chance to view our high-end line of window treatment ideas in your home with your own eyes.

We only use the most elegant fabrics such as silk, beautiful and durable polyesters and unique natural blend materials. Once you handle these drapery options, you will find that each is more beautiful than the next. Add our custom decorative hardware, and you will be able to create a look that makes a stunning statement in any room of your home.

When you have made your final design choices for fabric, style and hardware, Galaxy Designs will quickly ship you everything that you need to do a professional installation on your own. Our curtain designs, such as our DIY swag curtains will include every last piece you need, as well as detailed instructions to make installing your window treatments a breeze. All it takes is a small amount of time and a few simple tools that you most likely already have in your home.

Galaxy Designs is honored to partner with you in creating an elegant and welcoming home that you and your cherished guests can enjoy now and for years to come.

Check out our design in action here:


Best DIY curtains | window treatment ideas |Galaxy Design #256

window treatment ideas

New curtains can make a big difference to the look and feel of a house. It gives your house a fresh feeling, what’s better than that? Well, there is one more thing. Curtains can give your house some extra color to make it feel more homely and it’s what makes your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

Shopping for curtains can be stressful as you can’t risk buying the wrong curtains, they have to be absolutely perfect. That’s where Galaxy Design comes in. You can first browse our wide range of unique designs on our easy to navigate and easy to use website. This is perhaps the hardest part of the whole process as there is so much choice! We have multiple selections of luxury looking curtains in exquisite colours.

Once you have seen a couple of designs that you like you don’t have to choose immediately. The great advantage of using Galaxy Design is that you can order a design kit which will be delivered straight to your house within a few days!

The design kit includes a few fabric and hardware samples so you can see it in the setting of your own home. Trying out the different designs and fabrics will allow you to be sure you’re choosing the right designs for your home. Try them out in a few different settings, day and night, and perhaps ask some people what they think of it. Then you will be absolutely sure you’re making the right decision. Our packages are customized by you, the client, and therefore you will be sure to receive exactly the one-of-a-kind curtains you’re looking for.

When you have decided which design you would like to go for, the next step is again an easy one, you can order your curtains by phone. You will then speak to one of our excellent customer service advisors who will take your order from you. If at this point you’re still not completely sure if this is the right design for you, or if you have any other questions, you can count on receiving professional advice from us. We’re here to help you make the right choice and make the process as easy as possible for you.

A few days after placing your order the curtains will be delivered straight to your door. Are you worried assembling curtains will be difficult? We understand. That’s why Galaxy Design offers easy to install curtains with clear instructions. We will guide you step-by-step on how to assemble your curtains. We promise you can do it!

Here’s one last thought. Why not give someone special in your life high quality, fresh, and new curtains for Christmas or their birthday? You’ll be sure to give them a big surprise with our affordable custom-made drapes!

Head over to our website now to browse our amazing collection and order your design kit today.

For more design ideas like this view our youtube channel 


How to Dress Your Windows for Success with Galaxy Design DIY Curtains

When you move into a new living space, there are many special touches that you will thoughtfully add to turn your house into a home. The same rule applies when you are looking to update the look of your dwelling space so that it is reflective of your personality and tastes. Choosing the right furniture, floor coverings and art pieces are often a part of this process, but one of the most eye-catching ways to complete your room design and tie everything together, is through custom drapery designs.

Galaxy Design DIY Curtains

Curtains come in a wide array of styles, fabrics, and designs, and with Galaxy Design curtain decoration ideas, we can help you perfectly dress any size or shape of window in a few simple steps.


Galaxy Designs is proud to offer window treatments that range from elegant to contemporary. You will find only the finest fabrics made of silks, polyester and other natural fabrics. We have patterns to complement any space and window style.

In addition, we offer many curtain styles, including swags, valances, panels, cornices and more. With Galaxy drapery designs, you can even choose motorized window treatment options. The combinations of designs are endless with Galaxy’s elegant selections of fine fabrics and high end custom decorative hardware.


Once you have browsed our captivating Galaxy Design curtain decoration ideas, our professional and friendly design team will be pleased to join you for a complementary phone or video consultation. With your vision in mind, we will help you select the perfect DIY swag curtains or other drapery designs to complete your room decor.

Scroll to the bottom to see some of our amazing options!

Our specialists will guide you every step of the way from fabric, lining, and color selection to assisting you in choosing eye catching decorative hardware. With designs ranging from classic elegance to ornate hand painted hardware adorned with Swarovski crystals, no detail will be left ignored.

After your personalized consultation, our knowledgeable consultants will create a custom pallet of hues and fabric swatches for you to use in your home to make your final selections before ordering.


Once you have taken measurements and worked with your personal designer, we will assist you in placing your order. We offer complete custom window treatment packages, as well as a la carte items that include all hardware and simple step by step DIY installation instructions. If you are not comfortable with installing your curtains, we work with and can connect you to professional installers nationwide.

Galaxy Design is honored to partner with you in creating a living space that is beautifully polished and reflective of your unique style. We are thrilled to offer the personalized elegance and luxury of custom curated window treatments, made right here in the USA, to our customers nationwide. We don’t want you to simply cover your windows, we want to help you dress them for success.

Like our tips? You can check out more here!


Why choose Galaxy Design For Your Home Decoration Needs

For most of us, our homes are the place where we want to sit back and relax. It is something that always makes a person feel convenient, homey, and inviting haven. Home decoration or in fact interior decoration is indeed the best way we can achieve that. In most cases, the one element that a homeowner forgets most of the time while dealing with their living room décor are the curtains and drapes. In most cases, draperies are considered as a late addition. However, the issue is window treatments are important for all modern interior designs. There can be times when choosing a perfect type of window treatment is important and all in all, it is even a much more important decision that every house owner should make.

Finding the right set of curtains for home decoration can help in a fashion flow. Remember whenever a window treatment works it truly works and when it doesn’t it breaks the look and feel of the space. At Galaxy designs, we help our customers in not just covering the window space but to make them look beautiful and give a sense of modernism to every house. Here are a few reasons why you must choose Galaxy Designs for all your home accessories needs.

Types Of House Decoration Curtains Available With Us

House Decoration Curtains- Home Theatre Drapes: If you are thinking of resembling your house home theatre with a movie hall, these drapes play a major role in it. It can help in bringing a dramatic effect to a movie night, by filtering any exterior light and bringing down the levels of echo.

House Decoration Curtains- Sheer White Curtains: In case your home is missing out on those big sized windows, sheer panels can be used in order to get better light input. Sheer white curtains are a perfect addition to modern interior design. These curtains make the room feel airy and keep the residents from feeling to closed off. In most of the cases, they are translucent in nature and allows just the perfect amount of light to pass through.

House Decoration Curtains- Colourful Trim: In case you are not wanting to overdo your home windows with a variety of colors, yet wanting to add some liveliness to it, draperies and curtains with colorful trims can work best. They are just a perfect addition for room decoration as anyone can use any type of reversible fabric by adding some amount of hue to it. Choosing such combinations of home accessories can easily make your room decoration look more stunning.

House Decoration Curtains- Curtains Beyond Windows: In case you are wanting to add a personal quotient to your overall room decoration, adding curtains beyond the home windows can be one of the best ideas. Instead of just placing the curtains on or over the home window panels, users can try hanging the curtains in the frontal area of the window nook. This idea can easily create a cozy oasis to the living room décor.

House Decoration Curtains- Roman Shades: In case your home decoration already consists of blinds, you can easily make it more personalized and refined with the help of roman shades. These shades can add beautiful colors to your home windows and can even help in providing better privacy to the residents of the place. Apart from all these functionalities, the Roman shade is just a perfect addition to any interior decoration idea.

House Decoration Curtains- Farmhouse Shutters: Farmhouse shutters when added to any interior décor idea works just perfectly. They are great in helping the residents of the house to adjust their light access and even help in playing well with their rustic look. These shutters give changes to the overall look and feel of the area.

House Decoration Curtains- Short Curtains: Short curtains are usually hanged in the middle of a windowpane in order to provide a visually appealing interior. They are just perfect in providing privacy and allows only some limited quantity of light to breakthrough. Short curtains can be classified as one of the key home accessories that can be perfect for home decoration.

Home Decoration Curtains- Tassel Detail Curtains: Tassel detail curtains love to play with color, texture, and pattern adding a sort of feeling to the interior décor of a place. These tassel fringed draperies are surely a fun touch that helps in playing off those classic prints thereby changing the overall aesthetics of the area.

Home Decoration Curtains- Contrasting Prints: In case you are searching for something which is whimsical and fun for your living room décor, the contrasting prints can be a perfect addition. These curtains with floral valences, really help in adding wonders to a space. Contrasting print curtains can make the overall living room décor lively.

Home Decoration Curtains– Take Off: In case you want to make a statement on luxury with your room décor ideas, take off blinds can be a perfect addition. These blinds look just perfect in a big and spacious area but in small places, it can make a room look clumsy. Choosing something that is gold-colored with calligraphic ornaments can surely make a room look royal and elegant. One of the best-looking styles are the ones with rhinestones and beads. Take off blinds are a great catalyst to the overall house interior design.

We Thrive To Provide The Best Of Its Kind Warranty To Our Customers

Our company takes pride in providing customers only with the best of its kind product. We do stand behind all our drapery and hardware packages such that our customers can buy them with complete peace of mind. All our curtains, draperies and hardware come with lifetime guarantee. We guarantee that all the window treatments fit properly to your home windows. In case if it doesn’t fit by any chance, our customers can return them to us and we will fix them completely free of cost.

We at Galaxy Designs make sure that no stones are left unturned to make our customers happy. We always want to see our customers satisfied with our drapery package for all the coming years.


How To Increase Your Home Privacy By Using The Right Window Blind?

Every single person in this universe wants their dwelling place to be a sanctuary. A home is always a place where a person tries to find relief from the stresses of their daily life and become more and more comfortable. Houses are the place where a person can foster calmness and relaxation. Nevertheless, every single person would consider home privacy as a very important thing, at least remain isolated from the prying eyes of neighbors. In order to get that home privacy, window blinds and curtains are the best thing that a homeowner can use. At Galaxy designs, all our offerings are perfect for outdoor home privacy or indoor privacy. Buying good quality blackout liners, or blinds and shades can surely enhance the overall home privacy and make us feel more at ease. Here we have listed a few types of home curtains, that are undoubtedly the best when it comes to home privacy.

List Of Some Of The Best Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds And Vertical Blinds That Can Surely Improve Home Privacy

Roman Blinds: Roman shades can be easily classified in a very popular type of window covering. They are perfect for providing the utmost privacy inside a space. At Galaxy Designs, we provide our clients with different type of roman shade curtains compromising of various colors, patterns, designs or textures. We not only make just curtains or cover your walls, but we help you design your space in the way you want. All our curtains are completely customizable and come with uniquely designed hardware.

Roller Blinds: The roller shades window blinds is no doubted the most popular type of window furnishing that you can use on your home windows. They can be classified as simple and very affordable window furnishing providing best in class home privacy. These custom window furnishings have a lot of options available from blackout, light filters, sunscreen, recess fit or face-mounted, homeowners can choose anything in between. Apart from that, you can even opt for textured, simple flat fabrics or even patterned type of roller blinds window furnishings.

Venetian Blinds: These window blinds are available in a wide range of materials and color options. They are even the best for any sorts of home interior styling. Aluminum suits Venetian blinds are a perfect offering for ultra-modern home styles, whereas classing timber Venetian blinds fits just perfect for tropical or botanical interior, and on the other hand Vision wood Venetian blinds are great for modern or coastal type of houses. In case you haven’t heard of vision wood window furnishings, they are a much popular alternative to wood or timber at a very low cost. These are mostly made of moisture-resistant materials making them great to be used on humid and wet areas of a house. They are both anti-static and anti-fungal in nature. The Venetian blinds require regular dusting and cleaning in order to keep them in good condition.

Sheer Vertical Blinds: The sheer vertical blinds are always a standout among all other types of blinds. They are very good at providing a very high level of contrasting color and it even has an ability to blend with any sort of background designs. The sheer vertical blinds mostly come combined with drapes, quite similar to that of conventional curtains. In most cases, the fabrics used in the making of these blinds are great to provide privacy and even helps in letting natural light to pass through. These blinds are perfect to be used mostly in the formal spaces of the house especially that of the living room or the dining space.

Honeycomb Blinds: The honeycomb blinds are great in case you opt for complete blackout curtains especially for the bedroom or your dining space. The Honeycomb blinds generally have two options. They can either come in a face fit or a recess fit option. Mostly these window furnishings comprise of material that that less prone to get fade and are resistant to water, providing them a really long life. The honeycomb blinds window furnishings help in providing exceptional insulation property thereby keeping the rooms warm in winter and cool in the summer. They are also a very good addition in case you want to improve your overall home privacy.

Farmhouse Shutters: Farmhouse shutters when added to any interior décor idea works as a perfect addition to the overall home privacy. They are great in helping the residents of the house to adjust their light access and even help in playing well with their rustic look. These shutters give changes to the overall look and feel of the area.

Panel Blinds: These are undoubtedly the best window furnishing for sliding doors and large windows. The panel blinds window furnishing is attached to a lightweight aluminum track and they mostly tend to slide behind one another when opened. Just like the other types of window furnishings, these panel blinds are also available in light filtering, sunscreen blackout options. The buyers of panel blinds get the ultimate home privacy at any cost.

Horizontal Window Blinds: If you have your house made in traditional architectural format, then the horizontal window blinds blend perfectly with the overall surroundings. These blinds can be generally seen in all sorts of light and dark color shades. As because these blinds are very less prone to warping, they can be best used in the spaces where air humidity is always high

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