Black Out Drapes

With the advancement of technology, everything is evolving and our lifestyle is not an exception as well. With the evolving lifestyle, late-night parties and late-night shifts have become an inextricable part of our life. As a result, our sleeping time is gradually shifting from night to dawn and therefore, people are facing different sorts of problems such as morning light and sound while going for the bed. Well, this problem is not limited to certain regions; it has become a worldwide issue and so, keeping this problem in mind, we have brought an ultimate solution for you. Go through the following points to know more about it.

Black Out Drapes- An Ultimate Solution

It does not matter whether you want extra morning sleep or want to keep the sun away in order to mitigate TV glare, you must need a black out drape. The primary function of the blackout curtain liner is to block light. Extreme blackout curtains consist of tightly-woven and dense materials that can block almost 90% of all light and the best part is that it does not make the black out drape heavy. It can also insulate your house against temperature fluctuations and noise pollution.

Advantages of Black Out Drapes

We have added the advantages of black out drapes here so that you get a concrete idea about this product.

  • Enhance The Production Of Melatonin: Sleep is very much required as it repairs our body both physically as well as mentally. Now, if you have the best blackout curtains in your home, it can enhance the production of melatonin in your body by blocking lights ranging from sunlight to street light. Melatonin secretion can effectively regulate your sleep cycle and if you are someone who has to do irregular shifts and ultimately facing sleeping issues, you must go for best black out curtains for bedroom for getting desired outcomes.
  • Best Blackout Curtains Can Change The Home Ambiance Of Urban Areas: One of the major problems that people living in urban areas are coping up with is noise pollution. Moreover, the density of population is very high in urban areas and so, people doing late-night shifts face several problems while going for sleep. Moreover, such an environment also affects the students during the examination. But, with best linen blackout curtains, you don’t have to deal with such problems. It not only adds a different dimension to the interior style of your house but also diminishes noise pollution completely and ultimately, you will have a comfortable sleep.
  • Best Blackout Curtains Can Be Useful For Bed Bath: Bed bath refers to giving bath to bedridden patients in order to keep their skin infection-free. So, if you have come up with the best blackout curtains, it can keep the area completely devoid of air particles and dust.
  • Keep The Environment Serene: If you are facing problems while sleeping or if you have insomnia, a darkened room can give you restful sleep. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, flickering headlights through windows and ambient light from the street are the ultimate obstacles and these lights cannot be turned off. But, you can conveniently minimize these distractions and achieve a serene environment with the help of black out drapes.
  • Keep The Indoor Temperature Under Control: Another advantage of having black out drapes is that you can keep the indoor temperature under control. Yes, it can retain the heat during the winter so that you get cozy as well as comfortable nights and on the other side, it can repel heat on summer days so that you get a comfy, fresh and cool ambiance in the house.
  • Easily Get Yourself Into Sleep Mode: Well, there is no denying the fact that we are creatures of habit and our health condition gradually gets degraded if we go through sleepless nights for a long period of time. If you have night shifts, you can obviously sleep during the daytime. But, in such a case, you have to face several problems and you will not get the taste of the desired sleep. Earlier, we have mentioned that we are creatures of habit and sleeping at night is drilled into our conscious mind since birth. Well, if you go with black out drapes, you will not face such problems and as it can ease your mind and you can easily get yourself into sleep mode whenever you want.
  • Cost-Effective: When it comes to blocking light, you can go with accent walls. It will give you the best outcome but, you have to spend a lot of money on this. On the other side, black out drapes are very lightweight and cheap. You can easily get them from home depot. It can give you the same outcome and because of its flexibility and portability, you can move it wherever you want during the renovation of your home.

Types of Blackout Curtains

There are different types of black out drapes available in the market. If we specifically talk about the length, you can go with long or short blackout curtains. The whole thing depends upon the place where it will be installed. However, length does not play any impactful role. The thing that you must consider is its quality and therefore, we have added different types of blackout curtains here:

  • Flamingo Blackout Curtains: Flamingo blackout curtains consist of double-thick layers and therefore, you will get solid protection from light, cold and heat. Such black out drapes are ideal for home as you will have satisfactory sleep and along with it, you can keep away the bright glare of the sun from your TV screen.
  • Panel Pair Black Out Drapes: If you want to enhance the interior look of your house, you can pair the windows with panel pair black out drapes. Such black out drapes not only add an alluring effect to the interior design but also block harmful UV rays. Therefore, you will have a fresh as well as healthy ambiance in the house.

We hope that you have got to know everything regarding black out drapes. Now, if you want the best black out drapes for your home, you can visit galaxy-design.


Room Divider Drapes

Days are gone when we used to see houses built on a large amount of area. Now, we are living in the 21st century where people are looking for compact designs. It does not matter whether you want a car or a house, compactness has become the new definition of modern design. But, everything has advantages as well as disadvantages. If you have a compact home interior design, you are probably facing a hard time while making the small space attractive as well as alluring. On the other side, if you have a large room, you are probably looking for something that can break it up without creating any sort of clutter. Well, we understand this concern and this is why we have come up with an ultimate solution for you.

Room Divider Drapes

Room divider drapes are basically curtain room dividers and these curtain dividers are capable of adding a new dimension to the interior design of your house. Yes, you can make the interior part of your house more functional by installing room divider curtain panels and the best part is that these are very cost-effective.

Advantage Of Using Room Divider Drapes

We have added the advantages of room divider drapes below so that you can get to know why you should go for this.

  • Make Your Home More Functional With Hanging Room Dividers: Room divider drapes are a kind of hanging room dividers and therefore, you can easily imagine that it is an alternative to a wall. Now, if we talk about functionality, yes, it can make your home more functional. By installing room dividers, you can break a large room into small parts and ultimately, those small parts can be used more effectively. Moreover, if you are living in a small apartment, you can express your sense of style and create a solid impression upon your guests by having room divider drapes. You can make a private space for yourself or you can use it in the kitchen to separate the dining area from your cooking space.
  • Hanging Room Dividers Are Affordable: Along with the usability, room divider drapes are very affordable and it makes them more approachable. If you are going for it, you don’t need to hire any contractor as you can make it by yourself with the help of hanging room divider kits. Moreover, these are more pocket friendly and compact in size and so, you don’t have to look at your wallet with curvy lines over your forehead while purchasing sheer curtain room dividers.
  • Flexible As Well As Portable: It is a fact that a wall is more durable than room divider drapes. But, when it comes to flexibility as well as portability, nothing can beat the room dividers. Yes, in case of a wall, you might get a satisfactory outcome in the beginning but, later, if you want to renovate your house, you will definitely have problems. You need to hire builders and moreover, you have to spend a lot of money for making and breaking the wall. On the other side, if you go for room divider drapes, you will have a different scenario. With portable curtain room dividers, you don’t have to face such problems as you can place them wherever you want and ultimately, you can achieve an alluring interior design for your home.
  • Make The Interior Ambiance Healthy: Another important aspect of room divider drapes is that it can make the interior ambiance healthy. Yes, you have heard it right; hanging curtain room dividers have the capability to control airborne particles such as debris and dust. Moreover, it is very helpful for students as it can control noise and along with it, it can eliminate visual distractions.

Places to Use Room Divider Curtains

Room divider curtains can be used in different places. So, go through the following points to know more about this:

  • Industrial places: If you want to keep your employees focused and safe while moving large objects across the war house, you must install industrial divider curtains. Industrial divider curtains have FR Vinyl Laminate which can diminish noise and along with it, such room divider drapes can stop flowing fumes and particles to other areas. Along with the war houses, such room dividers can be used in manufacturing factories, food establishments, and schools.
  • Residential Places: Room divider drapes can be used in homes and it works as a non-permanent accent wall that will add a new dimension to the interior look of your house. Well, you have to make sure that you have room dividers kit; otherwise, you can’t install it properly.

Selection of Room Divider Drapes

When it comes to the selection of room divider drapes, you have to check the fabric used for making. Along with it, the place where the room divider drapes will be installed also matters. There are different types of fabric room dividers available in the market and here, we will let you know which will be ideal for you.

  • Theatrical gauze: Such room divider drapes are otherwise known as sheer curtains and these are mostly used in homes. If you want a room divider drape that will not create any sort of restriction in the light flow, this will be the ideal choice for you. It can also maintain an airy ambiance in the room.
  • Vinyl Room Divider Curtains: If you are looking for a room divider drape for industrial application, this will be perfect for you. Yes, a vinyl room divider curtain can mitigate particles, fumes, and paint spreading into other areas of the room.
  • Sound Absorbing Fabric: Earlier, we have mentioned that room divider drapes can control noise and therefore, if you want room dividers that have such quality, you must go with sound-absorbing fabric. Such kind of room divider comes up with dense and heavy fabrics which are ideal when you need to minimize light and sound flowing to other areas.
  • Commando Cloth: If you specifically want to minimize light, you can go with commando cloth. It consists of a heavy fabric that can diminish light traveling to other rooms.
    So, this is all about room divider drapes and if you want the best one for yourself, you can get it from galaxy-design.

Home Theater Drapes

While you are in the process of resembling your home theater with a proper movie hall, home theater drapes do play a very important role. In order to bring a dramatic effect to your movie night, home theater drapes help a lot, by filtering the outside light and minimizing the echo and soundproofing the place for a beautiful movie watching experience. We at Galaxy Designs have been manufacturing custom drapes and home theater décor curtains along with our long range of other draperies and house curtains.

Our excellent system of measuring helps our clients fit the theatre curtains and drapes with the usage of either manual curtain rods or an electronic system. We even do home theater blackout curtains and curtain panels to bring in an authentic look. The usage of our top-notch velour fabric and microfiber suede adds glamour to your room along with a professional customized feel. Call us to talk to an expert or for a free home theater curtain consultation on 866-215-3173 and press extension #1.

It is always necessary to ask yourself certain questions before giving your home theatre a luxurious look.

  • The amount of light you want to allow through?
  • What do the nearby walls, ceiling, or window trims allow in the terms of mounting?
  • Do you want complete insulation or dampening the room?
  • Do you need to create composure with aspects of the other rooms?

It is a must need to keep these points in mind while choosing a beautiful set of home theatre drapes for your house.

Different Types Of Home Theater Drapes

  • Curtains For Home Theater Masking: Light and sound infiltration is of utmost importance in your home theater as it makes a very big impact on the performance and the right image framing. Masking home theater drapes are used at the side trying to create a black-box effect and helping in minimizing the light refection.
  • Home Theater Blackout Curtains: Blackout home theater drapes are constructed in a unique and innovative triple weave structure, and are made from a different type of polyester fabric. These fabrics are ideal in blocking almost around 99.99% of light and can well insulate the place against heat or cold thereby making a sound barrier against all the external sounds. Blackout home theater drapes are of high demand in the entire US and Canada.
  • Mohair Home Theater Drapes: These drapes offer an exclusive look to your room adding a lot of sustainability and endurance. These home theater drapes can even add a luxurious character when adorning these curtains with custom made logos, patterns or designs. They can serve to be extremely durable and provide great clarity of color along with the best acoustic feature.
  • The Classic Comeback home theatre drapes: If you get a reddish-brown set of home theatre drapes, you can make your home theatre room lighter and way more spacious. Getting Japanese or Roman curtains for your home theatre room can really add elegance alongside the comfort. You can always create a minimalist interior and make it look like a gift from heaven. In addition to all these, these types of home theatre drapes can provide an excellent light barrier along with the ability to soften outside sound.
  • Decoration and Protection home theatre curtains– Curtains being an integral part of home theatre decoration have been protecting us from sunlight and giving us privacy for long. In the home theatre décor curtain trends this year, designers offer an extensive selection of fabrics for stitching age-old fashioned curtains. It is advisable to select curtains not only to make a style statement but also according to your need. Theatre drape ideas must always be harmoniously combined with one another in shadow and texture.
  • Synthetic Home Theatre Drapes: Synthetic home theatre drapes are more common than the natural ones. Viscose type of fabrics is often used in many cases forming different shapes and folds. These types of home theatre drapes look great in the interior adding in the spirit of the classics, and providing a perfect combination for the other variety of curtains. A diverse variety of colors, fabrics, and prints does add a premium touch to the decoration of your room creating a different style statement for you.
  • Take Off Type Home Theatre Drapes: If you are feeling to create an atmosphere of luxury and status with your home theatre drapes, a classic elegant and incomparable way is by choosing package blinds or curtain panels. These panels or blinds give a great look in a big spacious home theatre room but can make a small room look bulky. Another type of home theatre drapes that is into the fashion trend this year is that of the oriental style. Getting gold-colored curtains with calligraphic ornaments can make your home theatre room look more elegant and royal. This can be the latest custom drapes styles for your theatre hall. The most luxurious looking styles can be the one with beads and rhinestones.
  • Tormentors And Teasers Home Theatre Drapes: These home theater drapes are either fixed or movable units allowing a proscenium arch that can be reshaped, resized or reduced and it acts as a frame from where the theatre experience takes place. Teasers are basically a horizontal set of drapes that are hanged at the upper side of the arch and in the frontal area of the house curtain. On the other hand, tormentors are vertical curtains that can be used as vertical stage masks. Similar to that of teasers they are mounted on battens and are also located in the front part of the house curtain. This set of home theater drapes does play a big role in adding a glamourous touch to your home theater room.

A fashionable and beautiful set of home theatre curtains can attract originality and give a sense of integrity and harmony to your movie space. The purchase you are going to make must always match with the color scheme and style of your existing house interior, as well as it should be functionally effective like above. Modern trends of home theatre drapes do suggest laconic solutions, mostly with the functionality.


When Do I Use Black Out Drapes

It does not matter whether you are searching for black out drapes for your media room, bedroom, or any other space where it is imperative to block out the light, you will nevertheless want them to appear great. Fortunately, you have many options available to you which come in different types of fabrics, prints, and colors. With so many different varieties of design, textiles, and draping patterns, it can be quite difficult to select the proper curtains for your residence in the long run.

Blackout curtains, blinds, drapes, and shades all help in minimizing the energy expenses by cutting the portion of sunlight as well as UV rays entering your room. Apart from this, they help to safeguard the flooring and the furniture from fading and sun damage and this helps to make these expensive products more resilient.
There has been much improvement of the fabric for the black out drapes during the last several years from the plastic-feeling polyester (mainly used in hotels) to less static-prone and softer options.

Make use of blackout curtains & drapes in the rooms which receive the maximum amount of sunlight and make certain to pull them during the day when it becomes excessively hot. Also, use them in those areas where you do not want any light to enter (such as the media rooms). Although blackout drapes, blinds, and shades happen to be more expensive as compared to the non-blackout materials, they will prove to be invaluable in terms of energy savings, and also in preventing any premature aging of the home fabrics and furnishings.

Apart from adding a lot of elegance to your room, the drapes will likewise help in safeguarding your privacy to a great extent. Although you will come across various types of window treatments at present, drapes happen to be the most traditional and popular choice on the market. Black out drapes are a practical choice that helps to protect your privacy, appears elegant, and also blocks out noise and light effectively.

Do blackout curtains come in white?

We all know by now that the room-darkening drapes, blinds, and curtains aid in blocking light and thus it might appear to us that they are made from dark and heavy fabric. Of course, that is not going to work for every single room out there. What in case you would like to go for white black out drapes?
It is a fact that white blackout drapes and curtains are obtainable these days, and you will find them in lots of colors and styles as well. It does not matter whether you want to opt for rod pockets, grommet tops, or even shades and blinds, there will be a blackout fabric for those.

Converting existing curtains into blackout curtains

Your personal room darkening curtain can likewise be created by you simply by including a blackout curtain liner, either by clipping those onto an existing rod or hanging them on double rods. You will find white liners that will provide your room with a unified appearance from the road (often required by condo associations or HOAs).
In the following paragraphs, we have discussed the various reasons why it will be a sensible idea to purchase a set of black out drapes for your windows.

  • Blackout Curtains and drapes block out light: Best blackout curtains will be capable of blocking out a significant portion of the light entering a room. The backside of the drape has been manufactured from several layers of woven and heavy fabric which happens to be 100% opaque. A soft light will nevertheless enter the room through the drape and this can be extremely relaxing. As a result, in case you have been working on a night shift and require slumbering during the day, these blinds and drapes are going to be the best solution for you.
  • Blackout Curtains and drapes are energy-efficient: We waste nearly 33% of the energy while the heat is generated through the windows. This will result in extra consumption of energy through your house’s heating and cooling system. The black out drapes will be capable of controlling the insulation of your residence and thus help to reduce thermal loss. As per many manufacturers, it will be possible to minimize thermal loss by as much as 25% in the long run which will help to reduce your energy bills as well.
  • Lessen sound pollution: The black out drapes will be able to block the noise coming from the streets to a great extent thanks to the extra black lining and the thick fabric which function as effective noise insulators. It will be feasible for you to enjoy proper sleep at night and you won’t be distracted by any external sound whatsoever. Although it will not be able to block the external noise completely, it will help to lessen the noise to a great extent.
  • Versatile design: The best blackout curtains for the bedroom will be able to keep your residence cool during the scorching heat of the summer by regulating heat and also blocking out the sunlight. On the other hand, the black out drapes will also help in retaining the warmth within your rooms during the winter months by keeping the cold out. The black out drapes are appropriate for the single-glazed windows and you will be able to use them all through the year because of their versatility.
  • Proper investment: It is a fact that all types of black out drapes, including the short blackout curtains, are extremely resilient and will help to safeguard your privacy while balancing the insulation of your home. You will be able to purchase ready-made black out drapes or even go for the customized ones. Blackout lining can also be added to any type of fabric and get the same advantages. Despite the fact that they happen to be more expensive as compared to the standard curtains for the home, they are really worth the cost.

Prior to purchasing black out drapes for your home make it a point to perform some research. Feel free to go online and look at the reviews from the previous customers which will help you to come to a sensible buying decision.


How To Choose The Best Company For My Drapes

In this article, we are going to mention some guidelines for choosing the best drapes company. However, before doing that, we will throw some light on why it is important to use drapes at present.
Although everybody is entitled to privacy, it might prove to be difficult for achieving it in the long run. Window drapes can be a fantastic solution for providing you with the much-needed privacy within your residence.

Why go for window blinds?

You might be somebody who always wants to have something different in each and every aspect of your life. The time is right for you now to act differently and make use of window drapes. Many people opt for curtains, but you can always use drapes along with curtains. This can make a fantastic combination when used together and will be ideal for folks who like to have curtains and drapes but are finding it difficult to choose which one to go for.

Choosing the perfect drapes is always a sensible idea given that they will provide you with a wide array of colors with various color schemes. You will come across quite a few drape companies on the market at present, and therefore, choosing the best drapes company might prove to be a tough task for you. Before individuals might have faced issues in procuring one matching their color scheme or one which will be able to fit the windows. Those days are now over since it will be possible for you to place your order anytime anywhere. Moreover, in case you are not able to find drapes of the proper color or size, you can get one custom-made for you.

Selecting the best drapes company

In case you are planning to purchase new drapes for your residence, it is imperative for you to make a sound decision while choosing the best drapes company. As a matter of fact, there are lots of drapery companies nearby your location, and therefore, it is natural for you to become confused. This article will provide you with proper tips on choosing the best drapes company. It is essential to verify whether the company has got the following attributes which we have mentioned below.

Different types of choices:

The right company for drapes must be able to provide you with a range of attractive designs of window drapes when it comes to the color, style, fabric, and materials from which it has been made. Always go for better curtains and take care that these are manufactured from the best fabric for curtains as well.
Years of experience:
While choosing the best drapes company it will be a good idea to go for one that has been in the business for quite some time. Being in the industry for many years will allow the best drapery companies to find the perfect solutions when it comes to light, privacy, and ventilation issues.

The right company must be familiar with the products:

While choosing the best drapes company make sure that the company selected by you is able to understand the products thoroughly. They must be capable of communicating the different benefits of every single product with the customers. Apart from providing you with the info on how to use these products, the company must also let you know how to take proper care of the products as well. In this way, the users will come to know that the company happens to be a reliable business enterprise which will offer all the required info to the customers as and when needed.

Locally made products:

There are several reasons why you ought to buy locally made products. Purchasing from a local manufacturer will allow you to assist the environment by minimizing carbon emissions used for transporting items overseas. Apart from this, choosing the best drapes company from your locality will imply that you are offering job opportunities for the neighbors.

The right company must offer satisfactory customer service:

While buying the drapes the users will always want to receive outstanding customer service. The drapes company ought to depict that it will be able to help the clients in choosing the right curtains that are durable as well as of top quality.
Selecting the best drapes company that is customer-focused:
The drapes companies that are focused on the customers’ interests will go on helping them even after selling the items. This will help the companies to prosper in the long run. Therefore, while choosing the best drapes company always make sure that it is customer-focused.

A friendly staff:

While choosing the best drapes company, always go for one whose staff is friendly and amicable with the customers out there. They must make every effort for making the clients satisfied in every way while selecting curtains from their shop.

Lots of customer reviews:

While choosing the best drapes company to ensure that it has got lots of positive reviews from the previous users. Simply go online and look at the reviews which will give you a clear idea on the performance of the company over the years.

The price ought to be reasonable:

It is imperative for the proper drapes company to keep the prices of all the items consistent. In this way, it will be possible for people to purchase those products without any difficulty at all.

Perform the installations:

You would not like to take the help of a middleman or contractor. While choosing curtains, go for a company that is going to perform the installation for you.

Do they provide warranties?

While choosing the best drapes company, go for one which offers a comprehensive warranty on the products. This will allow you to purchase the drapes with no risk at all.


When you choose drapes, you might find it difficult to choose the perfect company given that there are so many of them out there right now. However, the above-mentioned guidelines should assist you in choosing the best drapes company in your locality without any issues whatsoever. So, feel free to come in touch with the best drapes company out there and enhance the attraction of your residence in the long run.


How To Select The Best Colors Of Window Treatments

Nothing is more comfortable than sitting within your beautiful residence and enjoying the fantastic view with warm sunshine shining through. The windows are definitely amongst the most effective ways to bring in the outdoors inside your room and they also assist you in connecting with the environment. Windows happen to be the eyes of our residences and they can become more stylish and more beautiful by choosing the right color window treatments. Every single time you get inside a room, you’d be noticing the dominant colors at first and also how much light is entering the room. Brighten up the appearance of your house by choosing the right color window treatments – these are going to include tastefully selected curtains, drapes, shades, as well as blinds.
It can be a challenge to choose a color for window treatments. One of the most significant aspects to take into consideration would be the color of the window curtains. Color is likewise a fantastic place to begin shortening your search since it compels you to think of other different types of home décor factors.

Perfect window treatments for modern houses

What kind of right color for your curtain is going to match what type of room?
Bring forth your sense of fashion and style by choosing the right color window treatments with the rest of your room. You need to know the following for this. It is important to select color according to the theme within your room.

Which is the right color?

Curtains of red color might be the appropriate selection for the kitchen, dining room or bedroom. Red happens to be the shade of fashion! Bright reds are quite eye-catching and can be the center of attraction in the room on most occasions. Select earthier and darker reds for something more classic and something which makes the perfect balance.
A sense of comfort is created by curtains of the orange color. You will often find this color in the living rooms and also in spaces where the family assembles. An additional dimension can be added to the appearance of your room without any problem at all by a soft orange.
While choosing the right color window treatments, you can also use curtains of the yellow color for decorating your living room which will help to make your visitors feel more comfortable as well as relaxed.
On the other hand, the best modern window treatments will come alive with the blue color as well. This would be ideal for hanging in your bedroom as well as the workspace of your residence.

Custom window blinds

Well-made window treatments will help you to save your cash invested in cooling as well as heating your room. It will provide you with the required privacy as well. A window blind is going to block the view of an observer and it will not be possible for an outsider to see anything within your house as long as the blinds are shut.
While selecting the window treatments, choosing the right color window treatments is extremely essential along with its style and quality. Blinds happen to be of only one color without much design whatsoever. The most risk-free choice happens to be neutral shades such as those of white, black, beige, and cream since they usually go well with the present décor within your house. Selecting all these previously mentioned colors will provide your space with an upscale as well as laid-back appearance. It will help the room to appear more creative, stylish, and it will enhance its value as well. Try to think about how the best colors interact with light and heat; while dark colors are going to absorb light, the lighter shades happen to be more reflective.

Silver Metallic Blinds

While choosing the right color window treatments, one nice color to go for will be silver. Make use of silver window blinds for increasing the attractiveness of your toilet. Also, try to accent the windows in your living room using silver-colored blinds which will add glamour to your space. Window blinds with silver shades will be able to bring a couple of opposite eras, namely contemporary as well as vintage to any particular room. A rather rustic feel can be brought on by the matte silver window blinds while a dedicated modern feel can be brought on within the room by glossy and polished silver window blinds.

Dark brown faux wooden blinds

In case you’d like to get the appearance of wooden blinds for your attractive home, there are plenty of reasons for going for faux wood blinds out there. Apart from being extremely simple to clean, these are likewise trendy and attractive besides being extremely affordable plus moisture as well as steam resistant. While choosing the right color window treatments you are going to have several choices when it comes to color. Several color selections will be available for your blinds which can enhance the beauty of your room successfully. Opt for the dark brown faux wooden blinds for adding the flawless beauty plus style decor to the room. It is important to choose a bright color since these will be ideal for your workspace or office.

Perfect window treatments with bright color and smart shades

Shades happen to be fabric pieces that either fold or roll up thus enabling you to see through the windows. Bright color for window treatments such as red and orange will help to excite the mind as well as the body. Choosing the right color window treatments and adding vibrant shades to these treatments will help to develop excitement in the decor of the room and also express your persona. These colors for the right curtains in the room will help to make individuals feel motivated and energetic in the long run. Choosing the right color window treatments with bright shades within your rooms will help you to feel active and lively.

Window treatment colors will be able to influence how light is perceived once the shades are drawn. Choosing the right color window treatments of brighter shades will help to bring a sensation of activity and excitement while choosing the right color window treatments of neutral shades will help to bring a feeling of calmness. While dark colors can help to make the room appear smaller, lighter shades will be able to make smaller spaces appear bigger in case they are used flawlessly.
Choosing the right color window treatments is imperative since it will help to energize your home in the best possible manner. The best color will be able to transform the space into a rather stylish and trendy one successfully in the long run. Hopefully, with all these above-mentioned guidelines you will be able to build the perfect living space and bedroom without any problem whatsoever.


Motorized Window Treatment

We all must agree on the fact that window treatments can always be a deal-breaker. It can either make or break a space. Often the importance of window treatment is overlooked. Drapes and curtains can either be functional or purely decorative or it might strike a balance between these two completely depending on your preference. Curtains can be of a variety of types such as flowing drapes, roman shades, classic curtains or a laidback shutter. Playing with the ideas of draperies can surely inspire you to have a better view of your home. Modern motorized window treatments can be a fun technology and even add a smart touch to your beautiful apartment. These automatic window treatments do add some improvement in the quality of life for many.

Benefits Of Using An Automatic And Motorized Window Treatment

Below are the top good reasons why one should invest in buying a good quality window blind:

  • Security: Drapes and curtains and home security are completely dependent on one another. A window treatment adds security and privacy for your home, helping by preventing your neighbors to peep inside. Installing a motorized vertical blind does offer the house a better beneficial approach than just keeping your drapes and curtains closed. Setting a schedule for your automatic window treatments can make them work automatically throughout the day even if you are a thousand kilometers away from your house. Motorized window treatment when coupled up with a smart home lighting system can save your house from potential threats against thieves.
  • Energy Saving Options: The solar gain caused due to the passage of heat from the window panes during a hot and humid summer day can cause your AC into a tailspin. All new modern motorized blinds and shades have a sensor installed in them which helps them to close automatically whenever the sun is at its brightest. These help in saving a lot of energy and make the job of your ac less.
  • Protection For Your Furniture: The sun heat that puts your air conditioner into a turmoil can also cause enough damage to the furniture and other household goods, causing them to fade with time. Covering up your windows with the best-motorized blinds can help in preventing this to happen.
  • Convenience: If your house is having a lot of windows, especially the big ones, manually controlling or operating them can be tough and be full of hassle. Getting or installing a new and modern set of motorized blinds and putting them into a control system can lower and raise them with just a touch of a button. You can easily schedule your motorized window shades according to the time you define.
  • Elegance: Tugging the pair of your drapes manually to the exact position each time is an impossible task in itself. Well, this problem of yours can be solved with the help of motorizing them. An automatic window treatment can help in aligning your draperies in just one fluid movement.
  • Increase The Value Of Your Home:  A perfectly covered up windows when installed properly does increase the value of your property instantly. A house outfitted with a set of motorized shades DIY can instantly bring charm to your living area. While getting best-motorized blinds may not get an increase in the overall property value but it will surely make your house memorable for buyers, thus making an increase in the chances for a sale.

Various Types Of Automatic And Motorized Window Treatment

Hard Wired Motorized Blinds And Shades

This shade type is designed to provide customers with precision control and optimal operation. This automatic type of window treatment is mostly controlled with the help of wall switches or remote home automation system.
The hard-wired shades do have multiple benefits such as appearance, accessibility, safety, and convenience. These systems work best with roller shades, woven wood shades, roman shades, honeycomb shades or silhouette shadings.

Powerview Motorization Shades

This automatic window treatment symbolizes modern culture and innovation by allowing the shades to open or close with just a touch of a button or your smartphone.
Few benefits of Powerview motorization include improved energy efficiency, convenience, and programmability. These automatic shades are the best when paired with roller shades, horizontal blinds, screen shades, vertical blinds or woven wood shades.

Motorized Roller Shades

Roller shades can be very versatile when the motorization option comes. They do have different types of light control- from a low light option to a total blackout. They also come with different design and fabric choices such as playful patterned colors, metallic or wood finishes on the valance and different hem styles. As because they come with so many choices roller shades are most preferred in different home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Their nature of blending with anything and their practicality makes it the most preferred option.

Automatic Solar Shades

They do their job best by blocking the harmful UV rays of the sun and thus help in gaining a better life span of the flooring and furniture. These blinds also help in reducing visual glare to a huge extent and helps in reflecting heat out through your window panes. In other words, these motorized window panes let in the sunshine and block the UV radiations.

Motorized faux wood blinds

These blinds work best in those rooms where light control and privacy is the key. They do have different paint schemes giving your room a decorative look. These faux wood automated blinds come in various shapes and sizes that suit every type of window. Their motorized nature makes sure that the slats do and open and close without any difficulty.

Automatic cellular shades

Cellular shades are ideal if you have energy savings in your mind. They help in reducing almost 40% of heat loss in winter through the windows and blocks around 80% of harmful sun rays and UV radiations during the summer. Cellular shades do have different designs and opacity options. Top-Down Bottom-Up lift system is one of the best among all the desirable options.


Electronic Drapes And Curtains

Energy efficiency happens to be an essential factor for anybody who is either constructing or remodeling a house. In fact, from location to installation, how your home is constructed can affect the amount of energy used by it. While it might be feasible for individuals to stay comfy all through the seasons without using any active cooling or heating system (which might be the ultimate ambition for many people), there is something comparatively simpler that can be added to your residence to regulate its temperature passively: electronic drapes. Smart, motorized blinds can help to regulate the solar gain as well as heat loss experienced by your residence naturally all through the day simply by closing and opening at certain pre-programmed times. The inclusion of smart home technology will train the electronic curtains when to close and open depending on the temperature as well as sunlight thus optimizing the energy efficiency of the HVAC system at your residence.
In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned several benefits of using electronic drapes at present which will help you to understand whether they’re fitting perfectly in your house or not.

1. Electric remote controlled drapery system helps to add convenience

It is possible to open and close the electronic curtains simply by pressing a button, an app on your smartphone, or remote control. Electronic drapes happen to be a fantastic way to minimize solar gain and also prevent any loss of heat. Since electronic curtains are extremely simple to open and close, it is very likely for you to bear in mind doing so for benefiting you as well as your surroundings. Besides this, there is no need for you to be concerned about electronic drapes because of the ability to set schedules for opening and closing them at some specific times.

2. Motorized curtains help to save energy

It will be possible to reduce the amount of energy utilized by your HVAC system while connecting an electric remote controlled drapery system to any smart home hub. This is because the electronic curtains will be able to react to the readings from the sunlight and temperature sensors connected to your smart hub independently. As a result, the electric drapes will be able to understand the time to close during the warmest part of the day for reducing the usage of HVAC or to open on a sunny day in the cold winter months so as to enable the sun to make a room warm naturally.

3. Smart home integration

In fact, the smart thermostats come with plenty of information for figuring out whether closing or opening the electronic drapes will allow in minimizing the usage of energy, for example, what kind of weather is present outside, what time of the day it is, and what is the current room temperature in your house. It will be possible for the thermostat to understand whether the room is becoming extremely hot by making use of all these data points and they will help to close the electronic curtains instead of switching on the air-conditioner or performing the reverse once it understands that a room is cooler than required.

4. Smart lighting

When combined with smart lighting, electronic drapes will aid in optimizing the amount of daylight in your residence for minimizing the usage of electricity. For instance, opening the electronic curtains will be able to trigger the smart lighting to switch off, and vice versa.

5. Motorized Curtains help to add R-value

It will be possible for the electronic drapes to add notable insulation value to the windows even without smarts. A 4.3 R-value is offered by the conventional roller and honeycomb electronic curtains. (A standard double glazed window comes with a 2.0 R-value). It will also be possible for you to get electronic drapes that will be able to incorporate an insulating layer into the windows.

6. Electric Remote Controlled Drapery System will help to increase safety

It is known to all of us that the best-motorized curtains do not feature any cords which are definitely a significant safety bonus; there is no need for you to worry about keeping them away from your kids. Nevertheless, a motorized drapery system can likewise provide extra safety benefits within a smart home. For example, electronic curtains might connect to a smoke alarm for opening them automatically once any fire is detected inside thus enabling emergency responders to enter into the house.

7. Extra security

By controlling remotely or setting up a particular schedule which makes it appear as though it is someone’s residence, electronic drapes will be able to outsmart any burglar by making them think that the house is occupied. In the same manner, while connected to any smart home system, it will be possible for the electronic curtains to shut once the residents depart and also open once they come back thanks to geofencing as well as a smartphone.

8. Helps to safeguard your furniture from the sun

Discoloration can be caused by direct exposure to the sun and it can damage your furniture in the long run. However, motorized curtains will help to safeguard your valuables by enabling automated programming to regulate the amount of light that enters your room. Setting the electronic drapes at a particular time will enable you to safeguard the furniture and you do not need to remember closing the electronic curtains on your own.

At present, you will come across some electronic drapes which are powered with cordless wall-mounted sun sensors. All these automated electronic curtains offer superior smartphone connectivity at present. Mounting these motorized curtains in every single room will enable the sensor to measure the heat or light and also adjust the motorized drapes and curtains accordingly. As compared to lots of newly-built energy-saving solutions, setting up electronic drapes will be a comparatively cheap way for controlling heat loss and solar gain within a room. This definitely makes them something to take into consideration for the would-be green property owners. Apart from this, the incorporation of smart technology enhances the capability of electronic curtains to minimize the usage of energy in the long run.


Smart Homes Automation

Technology has come a long way from mere analog devices replacing manual diurnal work to automation taking its toll on the regular life of people. It has been a slow, motionless invasion by virtue of which we are habituated to depend on technology in every step of our life.

The word “Smart” is slowly getting acquired in most of the vital devices that we use day today. In the early 21st century, the first smartphone came into the picture, soon to be followed by smart television, smart security devices, smart homes, smart houses, etc. The word “Smart” in front of any device name signifies the capability of the device to interact with the human mind and produce the best results as per past experience. This reduces human intervention in the operational functionality of devices.

Smart homes automation not only includes features and new products specific to household but also cafes, restaurants, gyms, indoor game clubs, etc. All previous and latest digital components have been included in smart homes automation to have the best productivity outlook in its application.
In this article, a little yet comprehensive glimpse of smart home automation has been depicted to create awareness of this new & benign technological revolution and also to update you on current smart home automation trends.

Home Automation System

The home automation system is the automatic control or functioning of household appliances and devices to have the best possible experience of utilization. It is achieved by the use of the Internet, electronics, sensors, and digital circuitry. The components of the home automation system when taken in a complete bundle fall under the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Various important components of home automation system are:

  • Sensors are used to detect any changes in the ambiance or any physical quantity and generate a signal.
  • Controllers are used for receiving that signal on a digital monitoring device in order to give feedback on any change of physical quantity.
  • Actuators are a mechanical or hydraulic device that receives the control signal from the controller and functions accordingly.

Some important features of the home automation system are keyless entry, thermostat control, home control systems, house automation, video surveillance, alarm system, noise cancellation, indoor positioning systems, smart grid, lighting control systems, etc. The number of benefits that mankind has been bestowed with after integrating best home automation systems is comfort, security, speed of work, entertainment, accuracy, convenience, and better value for time.

From Automated Systems to Smart Home Systems

Smart home systems are one step ahead of normal automation features of home devices. In smart home systems, internal & wifi connectivity is manifested in almost all household devices to make them function according to our benefits and reducing the tedious job of monitoring certain activities. The smart home systems are thus a way to connect all household devices into one ecosystem so that a uniform functionality is achieved. It includes voice commands, pushed buttons and mobile control. The automatic car lock feature is one of the recent add ons to smart home solutions. Smart home automation also includes:

  • Smart Lightings – smart bulb, smart socket, smart switch, radar switch.
  • Smart Appliances – smart remote control, air conditioner assistant, mobile & wall socket.
  • Smart Door & Window – smart curtain, environmental sensor, intelligent window.
  • Smart Sensor & Controller
  • Smart Music – control panel, music host, ceiling horn.

Best Home Automation System – 2019 & 2020 Scenario

Smart homes automation saw a new rise in its development and application in the year 2019. Some extraordinary inventions came out along with generic upliftment in the Internet of Things. IoT is widespread today not only in homes and smart houses but also in sports (hawkeye, a hot spot for example), medical world, movie industries, sound engineering, and research and development labs. Also, the introduction of blockchain technology caused a huge tumult in the banking and financial sector. Some of the new trends of smart homes automation of 2019 which is still effective in 2020 are:

  • Smart home hubs & controller – Amazon echo family came into the limelight in the year 2019. The echo Bluetooth speaker, belonging to the Alexa is an automatic voice detector Bluetooth device that can be interfaced with most of the other household gadgets. Another important hub is wink hub 2 that uses z wave, Zig bee, Kidde and Clear connect technology. It includes hue lighting and Google feature which can even be interfaced with smart tv.
  • Brilliant control is another hefty flip flop switch that can be used with wifi to connect with every digital device of the house. It can be used to control light intensity, room temperature, play music and also can be used to monitor security camera LCD. Brilliant control can also be interlinked with Alexa for voice support.
  • Logitech harmony elite can be used to control television, music players, air conditioners and other infrared devices.
  • Connect sense smart outlet 2 can be used with Android and Apple phones with IOS platforms. It works well with Siri, Alexa and Google Home & Assistant.
  • August Smart Lock Pro is a very rich and profound smart lock and home security system. The home kit model has wifi connectivity, door sense technology and can be even connected to Siri, Alexa, and google assistant.
  • Smart Health & Fitness device includes iBaby Monitor, Qardio base 2, Sleep number 360 smart bed.
  • Smart Vacuum includes I Robot Rumba i7+ has a multistory mapping and adaptive camera-based navigation to have the best cleaning facilities.
  • Smart Kitchen Appliances include Traeger ironwood 650 for grills, roasting, and smoking. It has an automatic temperature adjustor according to the extent of cooking. Other kitchen appliances are Perfect Bake Pro, Amazon Basics Microwave.
  • Smart home automation in lights and temperature control devices includes Ecobee smart thermostat 4, Nest learning thermostat, GE Energy star air conditioner, Philip hue family, Sengled smart LED multicolor lamp, etc.

Smart homes automation is on a constant graph of development and one common feature of each and every development of smart home automation is the ability to acclimate the new operational extension with existing house automation systems.

This feature is handy not only in maintaining home sustainability but also in keeping an open-end development platform to have the old technology by the side as well. Smart homes automation, though in its nascent stage but it has already driven the market with prolific implementations in business and as well as household space. It is likely to imprint its footprints in all other unexplored domain very soon.


How To Select The Best Remote Control Draperies

No one can deny the fact that every room will appear better with natural light. However, you need to pay a price for natural lighting and it is quite difficult to control as well. It is particularly true in case you have got plenty of tall windows where the regular window shades will not be able to get the job done for you. It is one reason why remote control draperies have become extremely popular at present and you will be able to simply fill your home with the rays of the sun by pressing a button. Also, you will be able to block out the sun rays quite easily.

Quite a few remote control draperies are available on the market at present, and therefore, it is quite difficult to select the best remote control blinds for your windows. However, there is no need to worry since there is a certain way for you to purchase the best quality remote control draperies out there.
So, what is important for you to look out while purchasing remote control draperies for your automated and smart home? You have to perform some research and go the extra mile for finding out the best products for your windows. While purchasing remote control curtains online for your window treatments it is important for you to stick to the products having the following features.

1. Battery-powered remote control blinds

It is a fact that remote control draperies which are operated by DC batteries happen to be more convenient as compared to those which are operated by AC batteries. These types of window treatments are not going to depend on the electrical power’s availability for operation as compared to the AC powered ones.
These must be scheduled by you for shutting and covering the window simply by pressing a button which will be positioned on the smartphone or remote control. While selecting battery-operated remote control draperies, go for one that comes with a long-lasting battery. There are several blinds available on the market which can run on batteries that can go on for as many as three years without any need to replace them.

2. Wired or Wireless remote control draperies

Purchase remote control draperies that can be connected to the internal network of your residence for simple remote control. These types of lines can be connected to the network of your residence either using a wired connection or even wirelessly. This implies that it will be possible for you to command their controllers to which these are connected either by means of a wire or wirelessly for shutting them whenever required. Here we like to mention that wired or wireless motorized blinds come at different prices and you have to select the one as per your convenience.

3. Style and quality of remote control blinds

One more essential feature that you must take into consideration while purchasing these types of blind controls happens to be their style and quality. You will come across plenty of controls having various types of quality and style. You should purchase those that will be able to operate smoothly and speedily without making any sort of noise for your convenience. Moreover, you will be able to purchase those having a warranty since in case they become faulty you will be able to get a replacement instantly without any problem. Make it a point to purchase these smart curtains from reputable companies with proper customer service and also lots of reputation.

Here we would like to mention that knowing that remote control draperies are a smart idea is only the first step. You have to understand the best way to getting started. Go on reading in case you’d like to know more.

1. Select your brand

This particular step is quite obvious when it comes to purchasing remote control draperies out there. Make sure to go for any brand which is trustworthy as well as reliable. They should be able to handle all the different aspects of lighting control that will include natural lighting as well.

2. Personalize your remote control draperies

While thinking of any convenient and practical fixture, it might appear to you that it is also boring and generic. However, there is no need to compromise your style with the best brands on the market. You will have the choice of unending fabrics, patterns, as well as styles depending on what you’d like to get for your room’s design. You can go for anything from honeycomb shades to Roman ones. A reputed brand should have it all.

3. Ditch the sticks and strings

The beauty of a remote control drapery is a fact that there is no need to go up to every single window manually for closing and opening them. Instead, there are lots of options available to you. For one, it would be possible for you to adjust the proper positioning of the blinds right from your tablet or smartphone. Of course, you can use the remote control as well. At present, there are plenty of applications out there that will help you to get the job done flawlessly and easily. Apart from this, installing wall stitches can also be a good idea that will fit seamlessly into the design of your house.

4. Automate

It will be a nice idea to be able to control the remote control draperies by simply pushing a button. However, it will be possible to make it even better by selecting the best motorized curtains that can open as well as close automatically.
Apart from all these guidelines on how to select the best remote control draperies, there are several more tips that we have not covered in this article. In case you like to enrich your knowledge on this topic of choosing the best remote control draperies, feel free to go online and look at the relevant videos and articles most of which will be available free of cost to you. However, let us hope that this above-mentioned article will be able to help you in getting the job done in the best possible manner.